In New Ways With Scuti And AlterVerse Gamers Can Shop In The Metaverse

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Scuti, the first-ever Rewarded Marketplace for Gamers, collaborates with Sky City’s Metaverse to provide players with an unparalleled shopping experience.


Player shopping with Scuti in AlterVerse on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Player shopping with Scuti in AlterVerse

AlterVerse and Scuti, the Gamers’ In New Ways With Scuti And AlterVerse Gamers Can Shop In The Metaverse Marketplace, have collaborated to develop the Sky City Metaverse’s next shopping evolution. A brand-new virtual shopping experience has been created by Scuti that makes any object or billboard interactive and shoppable.

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In Sky City, players can interact with any commercial product or service. When an object is clicked, a Scuti kiosk appears and slides open, allowing the user to browse and purchase any item in the Scuti Marketplace. The kiosk goes away after the purchase is finished, allowing the player to continue their journey without interruption. Players can exchange their Scuti$ rewards for AlterVerse ACE tokens in order to make any in-world digital purchases.

AlterVerse and Scuti are redefining the digital billboard experience in video games by providing players with rewarded shopping and brands with a full funnel experience. In New Ways With Scuti And AlterVerse Gamers Can Shop In The Metaverse


Companies from a wide range of industries, including fashion, health and wellness, fitness, food, apparel, gaming, and entertainment, are included on AlterVerse’s list of vendor partners. AlterVerse now gives brands cutting-edge tools to engage, reward, and sell directly to every player—who can now virtually “live their favorite brands” thanks to the Scuti integration.

AlterVerse is a futuristic gen3 Metaverse gaming experience that is free to play. AlterVerse players can buy land, shop, socialize, gather resources, craft phygital collectibles, and play to earn in a variety of ways using Unreal Engine 5.1, which has been in development for several years.

“Scuti is an integral partner for AlterVerse to gain even more momentum in building a global shopping marketplace within the Metaverse economy,” said Scot Kinney, CEO of AlterVerse.

In addition, Scuti and AlterVerse have formed a partnership with GameMaster, Wil Wheaton’s ultimate gaming competition, to develop an exciting experience for the upcoming television show, which will premiere this spring.

About Scuti

The Gamers’ Marketplace and pioneer of rewarded eCommerce, Scuti can be accessed through Scuti-connected video games and metaverses. Scuti gives players direct access to curated products, promotional offers, and exciting rewards. These rewards can be exchanged for in-game virtual items, native currency, or any physical Scuti product.

In-game advertising pioneers and industry veterans from Blizzard, Epic, Zynga, EA, and Microsoft Games Studio developed Scuti. Scuti is an investment firm that is part of the Fasanara Capital group. Alternative asset manager Fasanara Capital provides access to innovative multi-asset capacity-constrained niche products. Assets totaling approximately $3.0 billion are managed by the fund.

“Forward-thinking brands are creating their Metaverse strategies and experiences now,” said Marc Fonzetti, Scuti CRO & CMO. “Scuti is excited to partner with AlterVerse to evolve the Web3 shopping experience to allow every player to purchase physical products directly from their experience. This collaboration will allow players to shop from Sky City vendors and earn Scuti$ rewards they can spend in the AlterVerse experience to fuel their digital life. Brands are more important to the Metaverse than ever before.”

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