West Street Productions Presents A GRAVESEND Season 2 Trailer

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the trailer for Season 2 of GRAVESEND, created by William DeMeo, is out now!


West Street Productions GRAVESEND on YNF Entertainment Magazine

West Street Productions Presents A GRAVESEND Season 2 Trailer, Season 2 of GRAVESEND will tell the story of Brooklyn in the 1980s, and the eagerly awaited trailer is now available. The all-star cast of the mob drama includes Chazz Palminteri, Fran Drescher, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Armand Assante, Martin Kove, William Forsythe, Sofia Milos, Mario Cantone, Gina Gershon, and Vincent Pastore. The show was created by William DeMeo and produced by Michele Frantzeskos.

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In the year 1986, the neighborhood of GRAVESEND in Brooklyn was home to numerous famous made men. Brooklyn was regarded as the Mafia capital of organized crime in the United States at the time. William DeMeo plays Benny Zerletta, a soldier for the Colezzo gang. Benny is torn between the virtues that his devoted Catholic parents instilled in him and the life that his Mafioso cousin Charlie Devina (Chris Tardio) showed him. When Benny decides to follow in Charlie’s footsteps, his father criticizes him for doing so. Benny’s mother, played by Hillary Greer, begs for him to go back to church and change his life on her deathbed. West Street Productions Presents A GRAVESEND Season 2 Trailer

Benny’s crew begins a series of unapproved actions in defiance of Crazy Chris (James Russo), Benny’s captain. Benny must persuade Matty Armeno, played by Paul Ben Victor, a captain of the Genessa crime family, to let one of his soldiers off the hook. An erroneous assurance has dire consequences while attempting to end a conflict between two families over an illegal hit. Benny is filled with regret and uncertainty as a result of his new love for Christina DeRosa, the daughter of a convicted crime family captain. West Street Productions Presents A GRAVESEND Season 2 Trailer

Benny and Abraham Horwitz (Ken Lerner), a member of Borough Park’s Hasidic Jewish community, have strong, intricate ties that benefit everyone. From behind closed doors, GRAVESEND depicts honor and the war between crime families and the criminal organization.

Production Of GRAVESEND

The value of production is excellent; with all of the scenes being filmed in Miami, where the season began, and then returning to Brooklyn as the story progresses. The series showed the nitty-gritty of life and the streets of Brooklyn while incorporating Miami’s gorgeous atmosphere. You’ll experience excitement, danger, loyalty, and the best of family values this season. This season will make the audience feel for Benny Z, the Colezzo family, growth for the five families, and rooting for the underdog as we come full circle. Watch how Benny Z’s story unfolds; questions will be answered.

In April of 2020, the first season was made available on Amazon Prime and Tubi. After its release, the series gained a large following thanks to its six-week dominance on Amazon Prime. Season 2 is currently in post-production; There are nine finished episodes, each lasting 45 minutes on average.

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