We Three Release New Single, Confident, And Share Happy Tour Dates

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, with the release of the music video for Confident, We Three add to their catalog of songs about mental health, love, and insecurity.

We Three

We Three on YNF Entertainment Magazine
We Three

An extraordinary journey has been shared by the three siblings of band, We Three. They were raised in a religious family, which kept them away from the typical issues that most teenagers face. When other people were going on their first dates, Manny was coerced into an early marriage, which unsurprisingly led to an equally early divorce.

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The loss of their mother opened up a new world of personal and musical experiences as well as the impact of loss and grief. With HEAVEN’S NOT TOO FAR and LIFELINE We Three documented this era as their first breakthrough moment.

The band’s success can be attributed in large part to their distinctive approach to songwriting, which can be described as the band’s unusual capacity to produce songs about mental health, love, and insecurity that are extremely relatable. Manny Humlie, the frontman of the band, frequently incorporates this kind of subject matter into catchy melodies with razor-sharp production.

We Three on YNF Entertainment Magazine
We Three


Manny Humlie’s self-confidence was hard to come by as a child who stutters. He has written about the anxiety and despair that result from a lack of confidence, decades after that trauma.

“One of the most touching aspects for us at concerts is when fans tell us how we relate to them, directly to them … especially those who have emotional issues such as a feeling of no confidence,” said Manny Humlie. “I know that feeling first hand. When we planned on shooting the video for Confident, I wanted something that would really lay bare the utter vulnerability of the lyrics. I think we caught that. I found the filming of it very emotional … and I think it shows.”

This video is very relatable because the visuals for Confident perfectly capture the lyrics’ human vulnerability. Everyone has experienced a lack of self-assurance at some point in their lives, and this music video perfectly conveys that feeling. The sincerity of Confident and this band’s strength in celebrating and examining emotion and the human condition are resonating with viewers and influencers.

On music video platforms/channels, OTTs, and streaming sites in the UK and the United States, Confident is gaining traction and attention. The video was recently added to Roku’s Discover Music Videos and Rock House Music Videos channels, as well as the WEMIX European Video Pool.

Happy Tour

We Three’s “Happy Tour” continues with upcoming performances in Australia and New Zealand. The much-anticipated US tour dates for the band’s March 2023 release include stops in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, and Missouri. Keep up with all of the upcoming tour announcements, shows in your area, and amazing new music.

We Three Happy Tour on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Happy Tour

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