The Groovalution Release 11 Song Pandemic Collection, FANCY AF

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the dream of Ellee Ven to collaborate with famous writers and musicians has come true, as the band The Groovalution releases FANCY AF.

The Groovalution

The Groovalution FANCY AF by The Groovalution YNF Entertainment Magazine
The Groovalution, FANCY AF

Ellee Ven’s time for songwriting has increased as a result of the pandemic, as has her access to exceptional musicians. It has become a reality for ellee ven to collaborate with star-studded writers and musicians who were previously touring, as the band The Groovalution has grown together. 11 songs and a special bonus track in Spanish are included on the album Fancy AF by ellee ven and the Groovalution.

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FANCY AF features 11 songs written and produced between 2019 and 2022 that celebrate cosmic funk. Finger on My Pulse is the only song that was released before the pandemic, with 1.3 million listeners streaming it. Ellee ven went all out when she was writing in 2021 and 2022, digging deeper than ever into her music. The album’s arrangement demonstrates her artistic vision, cadence of energy, and swagger.

The bonus track, “No Merece La Pena,” puts a new spin on ellee ven’s traditional beats and pays tribute to her global fan base, luxurious roots, and international success. Ellee Ven sings in Spanish to a track that screams expression-centric space for self – the true meaning of being a Groovalutionary – and was released on January 4, 2023.

Ellee Ven

Elle Ven on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Ellee Ven

“The heart of my music is just like the heart of my favorite foods and favorite clothing–classic with a serving of fire,” said ellee ven when discussing FANCY AF’s” vibe. “My mother always said my temptuous romances were not worth the pain.”

According to ellee ven, Prodéje’s beats have influenced over half of her songs. Prodéje is a pioneering West Coast rapper who first collaborated with Tupac in the 1990s and is still the driving force behind South Central Cartel. Jody Giachello, the drummer for ellee ven, has been a co-writer of the band’s material for a long time. Sam Sims, Reggie Dozier, Michael Scott, Kern Brantley, and Jeff Motley are among the talented new contributors.

ellee ven’s writing and production process is enriched by the unique strengths of each distinguished industry veteran. Ellee Ven and her bandmates continue to grow in their notable careers thanks to their pride in owning the lyrics and songwriting.

Throughout 2022, she has maintained her commitment to releasing new songs every three weeks. Over the past two years, ellee ven has released music on her own and sold over 11.5 million copies in 100 countries.

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