The Dog Who Couldn’t Make Up His Mind Is About Indesiveness And Friendship

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, new children’s picture book, The Dog Who Couldn’t Make Up His Mind by I-J Letters, teaches children about friendship and indecisiveness.

The Dog Who Couldn’t Make Up His Mind

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The Dog Who Couldn’t Make Up His Mind

The charming dog in I-J Letters’ “The Dog Who Couldn’t Make Up His Mind” learns valuable life lessons. For young readers aged three to six, this vibrantly illustrated children’s picture book is a great bedtime story for parents to read to their children. This is the first in a series with important messages in each installment. “The Dog Who Became a Magician” and “The Dog Who Had a Party” come next.

The main character, the Dog, is very nice, friendly, and kind, and all of the animals in his garden get along very well, as readers will see. However, Dog has trouble figuring out what to do with his day. The story is easy to understand but also interesting and entertaining. It demonstrates to young readers the significance of friendship, equality, trust, and having fun. Letters emphasize friendship and the significance of respecting one another despite age, race, or temperament.

I-J Letters

“I want my readers to learn from my books while enjoying the stories,” said I-J Letters. “Taking heed of the importance of what the animals are saying to each other.”

I-J Letters has written numerous two-act plays based on classic books like The Hobbit, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan. She produced a musical and a one-act comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Letters has also been interviewed by Doctor Angela on SparksTV and Kate Delany on America Tonight. She has also read in libraries and other Glasgow establishments.

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