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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, in February 2023, Stephan Piscano, CEO and Managing Partner of @VacationWealthPartners, will launch @CommonSenseConcepts, a new bi-weekly podcast and YouTube channel.

Common Sense Concepts

In February 2023, Stephan Piscano, CEO and managing partner of @VacationWealthPartners, will launch a new biweekly podcast and YouTube channel called @CommonSenseConcepts. The show will focus on real estate, finance, and encouraging entrepreneurs to use common sense concepts as investors and small business owners.

Vacation Wealth Partners on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Vacation Wealth Partners

For the first time, Stephan Piscano will try to engage with followers in a more casual and direct conversational format through both the podcast and YouTube channel. Over the course of the past decade, he has hosted hundreds of webinars and made dozens of appearances on similar podcasts, radio shows, and television shows.

Stephan Piscano

“I have always enjoyed having discussions with members of my network, and have found webinars to be a great way to engage, learn a few things myself, and provide access to the same knowledge and resources that I get access to,” said Stephan Piscano.

“I never thought anyone would want to hear me ramble for an hour every two weeks, but recently we have gotten positive feedback from partners, and high-level members of the network that this could be beneficial, so I am excited and thankful to engage in this way, and hopefully also bring on some extremely talented guests that are experts in fields that will add value to my network.

While the show will still keep the core focus on real estate and investment strategies, I am excited to engage a bit more in other topics as well, including motivation, entrepreneurial mindset, and even sports to some extent. If people enjoy it and benefit from the content I will be thankful to keep doing it for a long time.”

Stephan Piscano on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Stephan Piscano

“The Real Estate Networking Group,” which has the largest real estate group on LinkedIn and has 2.1 active members, is owned and founded by Stephan Piscano. He has been investing in real estate for nearly two decades. He was recently hired by Adagio Group as an asset manager, where he will use an Asset Based Lending strategy in the real estate industry.

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