Life Speaks To You By Magdalena Julita Byra Teaches Readers To Discover Their True Calling

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Life Speaks To You from Newman Springs Distributing writer Magdalena Julita Byra, is a powerful and enlightening guidebook for readers to find their true calling and purpose in life, as well as answering questions they never acknowledged they had.

Magdalena Julita Byra

Magdalena Julita Byra, a reiki and guided energy medicine practitioner and leader of the “Heal Your Life” workshops, has completed her new book, Life Speaks To You, an amazing asset for those looking to assume command over their lives and find replies to the greatest inquiries concerning one’s future, connections, and reason.

Magdalena made a life-changing discovery about life’s true workings in Poland in 2010 and began incorporating it into her own life. Life put her on the true path of her soul calling and brought her to the United States to awaken her dormant talents and gifts after years of developing herself with the tools she now teaches.

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Life Speaks To You by Magdalena Julita Byra

She discovered her life’s purpose here, which was to encourage and assist every woman on her own path to self-love, rediscovery, healing, expansion, and a life purpose. She spreads her message of love and understanding of life in order to bring love and peace to the world by realizing that we are all one soul in a human body in an evolutionary realm.

Depression treated. Differently.

Life Speaks To You

Byra asks about your life at the present time. Could it be said that you are feeling overpowered or blissful? Could you at any point see an exit plan from the circumstance or occupation you are in or can’t? Is your relationship flourishing? Are there a lot of feelings of love and intimacy in your relationship, or is it less than ideal? Perhaps you are of the opinion that life is as it is and cannot be changed. Have you adjusted to it? Or perhaps you still harbor a small hope or faith that things will eventually improve? Perhaps one year from now?

This book is for you, whether the answer is yes or no. You’ll come back to yourself, and things start to change all the time. She wants to inspire you to take a fresh look at life and explore the vast unknown.

When you read this book, you will gain a new understanding of who you are as well as the direction to your own happiness, health, and fulfillment. Are you content? Is it true that you are sound? Are you content? Do I understand you? Are you in love with life and yourself? Do you really know who you are? Are you aware of your purpose on this planet? Do you know that you are here for a reason? Do you remember where you came from in the first place?

This book will provide you with numerous life-related answers. You will discover your life’s vision and a new world for yourself. You will begin to feel more awake and eager to find out who you are and fulfill your own purpose on this planet. Do you know that you have the right to live your life to the fullest, regardless of your age or current circumstances? Your life and you matter. It never hurts to make a change. You will comprehend, as the title recommends, that ‘Life Addresses You’ constantly.

Newman Springs Publishing

Magdalena Julita Byra’s insightful guide, which was published by Newman Springs Publishing, was inspired by the author’s desire to encourage her readers to bring peace and healing into their lives by spreading love and understanding. Byra hopes to assist readers in discovering their true calling and realizing their highest potential by sharing her writings and teachings.

For serious authors, Newman Springs Publishing is a full-service publishing house. Each title created by Newman Springs Distributing goes through each step of the expert distributing process, including altering, format, cover plan, dissemination, dispersion, and exposure. All titles are made accessible in both digital books and print designs. Tens of thousands of retail establishments across North America and internationally receive books from Newman Springs Publishing.

Any and all genres of manuscripts are welcome to be reviewed; Newman Springs Publishing will collaborate closely with the author to bring the book to the retail market for a relatively low initial investment if it meets the necessary criteria and is accepted for publication.

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“Life Speaks to You” is available for purchase in bookstores worldwide as well as online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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