Shining Phoenix Has Released New Single, Rise From The Ashes

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, rock singer-songwriter, Shining Phoenix, has released her new single, Rise From The Ashes.

Shining Phoenix

Shining Phoenix Has Released New Single, Rise From The Ashes , Entertainment Magazine is one of the best Celebrity Entertainment Magazine in the world entertainmentmagazine
Rise From The Ashes, Shining Phoenix

Shining Phoenix’s life has had its fair share of setbacks and challenges that have compelled her to deviate from her path and attempt new things. Whether it was a serious riding accident when she was 12 years old that left her with a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage, anorexia when she was 13, from which she recovered on her own and without medical help, or her work as an elementary school teacher, which she had to terminate abruptly due to burnout and a concurrent diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis, to name just a few examples.

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She never gave up despite these experiences; rather, they strengthened her.

She came to her spiritual work as an astrologer and tarot reader through her challenges, which she combined with her creative and artistic abilities.

Rise from the Ashes

She wrote nine songs based on the eight basic emotions, and her first single, Rise from the Ashes, is a powerful song about transformation. Her first album, Inside Us, aimed at encouraging people to feel more at ease with their emotions. From her own insight, Sparkling Phoenix is persuaded that managing one’s sentiments is the reason for a solid and satisfying life.

Using Shining Phoenix’s astrological analysis and tarot readings, embark on a journey through your emotional world and receive guidance and support. In a world of magic and big dreams, all of this is done in a playful and musical manner. Rise from the ashes and discover the phoenix within you!

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