Sam Stoutman Announces Part 2 Of Pirates & Scallywags Trilogy

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Pirates & Scallywags: Part II by Sam Stoutman follows three pirate captains as they fight incessant pursuers and pursue legendary treasure.

Pirates & Scallywags

Pirates & Scallywags: Part II follows the three captains of the trilogy as they go on vengeful quests and search for fabled treasure. However, Captain Hazard of the English Royal Navy is determined to bring them to justice and is frantically looking for them. In the shadows, evil forces are getting stronger and planning to kill everyone.

Captain Montpellier ventures into the unknown in search of the fabled Lost Gold of Old Havana. However, he discovers that the jungle conceals numerous secrets as well as catastrophic danger. Captain Estevez sets a deadly trap for the bounty hunter who is always after him, but a new enemy will push him to the point where he will die.

Captain Hazard of the English Royal Navy has a deadly surprise in store for Captain Umberland as he confronts his mutinous former crew members and plans the next target to plunder. Alice struggles to recover on the island of New Seville from the devastating assault she received on the pirate stronghold of Borracho. Meanwhile, Jenny follows a lead about the attackers and makes new friends.

Sam Stoutman on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Sam Stoutman

The adventures of three pirate captains during the Golden Age of Piracy and the eccentric characters who lived in various scallywag haunts are the focus of the Pirates & Scallywags trilogy.

Captains Umberland, Estevez, and Montpellier live life to the fullest by plundering ships on the high seas, partying in raucous taverns, and drinking all night long! However, they are being pursued by the Spanish and English Royal Navies, who are determined to make them pay for their crimes. Additionally, evil forces are executing their own vile plans without anyone’s knowledge.

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Sam Stoutman

“One of the things I love about this book are the setbacks each captain is forced to overcome, and the resiliency they show,” said author Sam Stoutman. “Part II has a more serious tone than the first with the emergence of the villains’ all-consuming evil. From seeking to destroy their fellow pirates, to a diabolical plan to dominate the slave trade, the villains abandon all humanity and massively raise the stakes for Part III.”

Sam Stoutman is a photographer, screenwriter, and author of adventure novels. He was born and raised in the City of Angels, is the author of Pirates & Scallywags Part I, and his website’s blog features images from his various travel experiences. He enjoys traveling, history, movies, soccer, and is a proud supporter of the Los Angeles Angel City FC NWSL team.

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Pirates & Scallywags: Part II is now available for purchase as either a paperback or eBook.


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