Rogue Blaster, A Survivor Style FPS, Available On Steam®

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the casual survival-style rogue-lite FPS, Rogue Blaster, is now available on Steam®.

Rogue Blaster

Rogue Blaster on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Rogue Blaster

In Rogue Blaster, players can choose one piece of equipment to acquire (enhance) each time their experience gauge reaches MAX, and they gain experience by defeating enemies.

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Because combat abilities change depending on equipment compatibility and combination, players can play in a way that suits them best. Rare items have a lot of power and, depending on when they are used, can even change the outcome of a battle.

The mouse (or controller) is the only means of control, and unlike conventional first-person shooters, there are no difficult controls like moving or switching weapons. Simply aim and fire.

Game Elements

Rogue Blaster on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Rogue Blaster

Monsters with unique behaviors and powerful bosses appear in succession as you progress through the game. The key to winning the game is the choices the player makes, such as what equipment to use, which enemy to attack first, and when to use which item.

Players can improve their stats by strengthening their skill trees with achievements, and by increasing their player level, they can construct defensive walls to ward off intruders. Clear the game by making good use of the player enhancement elements. After the game is finished, there are a few more challenging game modes available.

SE.EED Co. Ltd.

SE.EED COMPANY, LTD is a Japanese company that was founded on October 20, 2021, with the goal of making games and systems.
Our philosophy is to make games that we love and are really interesting.

SE.EED CO.’s first game application is available here. LTD. and was developed by one person.

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Developer: SE.EED CO., LTD
Game Title: Rogue Blaster
Genre: rogue light FPS Casual
OS: Windows10/11

Store URL:
Price: 4.99$



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