Rock Superstar Scotty Austin Releases His Latest Single, Money

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, bonafide rock star, Scotty Austin, is set to light stages ablaze in 2023 with his brand-new single, Money.

Scotty Austin

Scotty Austin on your new favourite Entertainment Magazine
Scotty Austin

One of the genres and Rock Superstar that has been one of the foundations of the music business is rock. Scotty Austin is without a doubt one of many rock musicians who have made significant contributions to both the mainstream and independent music scenes.

Scotty Austin, the former lead singer with Rock Superstar of Saving Abel, has a natural talent and an ear for distinctive sounds that have contributed to his expressive song lyrics and music throughout his career. His hard work and perseverance have paid off in the long run, earning him a spot on the number one video game soundtrack for the critically acclaimed Dead Rising with band Supernova Syndicate.

Scotty is a tenacious artist who worked on improving his craft over and over again and participated in numerous guitar sessions in Nashville with various producers and musicians. As a result, he became the band leader for Jonathan Singleton, one of Nashville’s most well-known singer-songwriters, and also played lead guitar on the band Full Devil Jacket’s second album.


Stryker Records released Scotty Austin’s single “Money,” which is being distributed by Universal Rock Superstar,  Music Group’s Ingrooves, a pioneer in music distribution, marketing, and technology. They are well-known for assisting music labels and business owners in expanding their operations and achieving success in the global music market.

At the House of Blues studio in Nashville, Tennessee, which is also a part of Universal Music Group, multi-platinum producer Malcolm Springer worked on the production of “Money.”

“Money is about making fun of the greed in society right now,” explained Scotty Austin. “Big spending by our politicians, like there’s endless money.” Austin believes that this money ought to be applied to significant issues like drug addiction and mental health.

Scotty Austin’s Career

Scotty clearly has a unique point of view when it comes to music composition because he plays multiple instruments in a variety of genres and has an impressive resume that includes performances across the United States and Europe. After the world persevered through a difficult year in 2020, Scotty is eager to return to writing music that will have everyone anticipating what he accomplishes in the future. Scotty Austin has been making the rounds across the nation ever since he split from Saving Abel a little more than a year ago.

Scotty Austin performs for crowds on your new favourite Entertainment Magazine
Scotty Austin performs for crowds

In the early 2000s, Scotty’s success continued when he placed fourth globally in the International Blues Contest while representing Memphis, Tennessee. Shortly thereafter, Scotty collaborated with the new recording artist and original group Ash Bowers, as well as the sister labels Broken Bow Records and Stoney Creek Records owned by Jason Aldean. Scotty quickly made the decision to start his own independent rock band, Trash The Brand. Within a few weeks of his formation, he began playing to packed houses and venues, attracting the attention of a few people in the music industry.

Scotty, who is from Parsons, Tennessee, began playing instruments at a young age. “I started reading music in kindergarten and gained experience playing in the church family band,” said Scotty Austin the great Rock Superstar.

Scotty began exploring a variety of musical styles, including classical guitar and percussion, in the late 1990s before he was selected to lead the official NASCAR Rolling Thunder band for an entire season.
Scotty has been traveling throughout the nation and even other nations for nearly ten years. Through his extraordinary artistry and songwriting skills, Scotty Austin has provided music fans all over the world with unparalleled entertainment.

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