New Plant Based Alternative To Eggs Introduced By FreeFromThat

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Potato Protein+Plus is the new vegan plant based alternative to eggs from FreeFromThat.

Potato Protein+Plus Plant Based Alternative To Eggs

There is no time to waste in a world where pandemics are destroying our beloved planet. Due to the devastating global bird flu pandemic, food manufacturers are scrambling to find viable alternatives to eggs in their products as the supply of chicken eggs increases. Enter Potato Protein+Plus, the progressive new product from FreeFromThat, a division of Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy.

FreeFromThat, in an organization with AVEBE of the Netherlands, presented an item called Potato Protein+Plus which is a totally regular protein extricated from natural potatoes joined with Mycelium from mushrooms. Cakes and other foods that have traditionally been prepared with eggs can benefit from this revolutionary product’s ability to enhance and produce textures that are flavorless.


The goal of FreeFromThat is to offer a line of allergy-free, plant based products that are also functional ingredient systems designed to give food applications texture and capabilities. They’ve taken things to the next level with the latest version of their GERBET product, which is intended for the commercial production of macaron pastry.

New Plant Based Alternative To Eggs Introduced By FreeFromThat
Plant Based Alternative for Eggs

In this version, an astringent flavor made of plant-based protein is replaced by a Himalayan mushroom mycelium strand. By avoiding animal-based products like eggs, not only makes the product healthier but also ensures environmental sustainability.

World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH)

The bird flu pandemic, which has killed over 150 million chickens since 2020, has caused the company to see an explosion in the cost of chicken eggs. Since the outbreak began in October 2021, the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) has recorded nearly 42 million individual cases.

FreeFromThat’s chief executive officer, Manuel Lynch, explained that over 193 million chickens have been killed or culled. The situation is dire, and we require a food solution that contributes to the solution of this global issue now more than ever.

The item Potato Protein+Plus is the response. It not only provides food companies with a low-cost solution, but it also meets the needs of consumers who expect plant-based products to taste and feel like dairy and egg-based products.

The product is shipped worldwide by FedEx Express in a 400-gram bag.

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