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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, new song, Found Love by Ninebay Jakub is meant for lovers everywhere, from Dayton to Fort Myers. His friend, coworker, and fellow Floridian Mogul directed the video.

Ninebay Jakub

Ninebay Jakub’s is the hot newcomer and Dayton’s promised child. This Ohio rapper pays homage to Jack Harlow and Mac Miller while drawing inspiration from fellow Midwesterner Kanye West in his hard-earned homespun rhymes.

The lifetime fighter picked up his pen and switched to the cipher after a tragic fall broke both of his wrists and ended his promising football career. Ninebay pulled a Lebron James and moved his talents to Florida, where the sunny vibes nourished his skills and swag, allowing him to release single after single through 2022, thought the heartland will always be in his heart.

The young emcee plans to tour after releasing his debut full-length album, Ninebay Jakub’s, later this year. Dayton, Fort Myers, then the entire world.

Found Love Music Video

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Found Love by Ninebay Jakub

Found Love is the perfect way to relax with your lover, and think about how life was before you found each other and how you never need to go back there. Ninebay tells the story of the ups and downs of love that eventually lead us to the one, and he does so over a hazy, seductive beat that was created by his friend and producer Eddy Rock.

Through the chorus, a patient staccato of one-liners gives way to verses that are more passionate and pay tribute to Ninebay Jakub’s fellow heartfelt emcees like Drake, the song returns to a laid-back level, encouraging all lovers listening to start making moves.

Ninebay is completely open and vulnerable in the music video for “Found Love,” which was directed by Ninebay Jakub’s friend, collaborator, and fellow Floridian Mogul, and makes it clear that he has nothing to hide while standing in his adopted Fort Myers.

This young rapper, who is coming into his own and is not afraid to rap about the real-real, is draped in drip. The smooth serenade’s chill and tropical atmosphere is enhanced by graphic and smoke effects, which create tension and intrigue. Put on “Found Love” and you’ll find that your mood has improved.

It’s the suitable soundtrack to chill with bae and mirror on what lifestyles turned into like earlier than locating every other – and the way there’s no want ever to move lower back there. Over a hazy, seductive beat sculpted with the aid of using his buddy and manufacturer Eddy Rock, Ninebay Jakub’s chronicles the ups and downs of affection that in the end land us with the one.

A affected person staccato of one-liners via the refrain offers manner to extra impassioned verses, reminiscent of Ninebay’s fellow heart-felt emcees like Drake. The music returns to a laid-lower back level, placing a temper for all of the fans taking note of begin making moves, in case you capture our drift.

In the tune video for “Found Love” (directed with the aid of using Ninebay’s buddy, collaborator, and fellow Floridian Mogul), Ninebay is absolutely open and vulnerable. Standing in a palm tree-strewn scene of his followed Fort Myers, the rapper lays it out simple with not anything to hide.

This swaggy younger rapper is draped in drip, entering his personal and unafraid to rap approximately the real-real. Graphic and smoke outcomes construct anxiety and charm as they decorate the kick back and tropical air of mystery of the clean serenade. Pop on “Found Love” and discover your self in a extra adorable kingdom of mind.

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