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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the inspiring new jazz movie, Knights of Swing by Rolland Jacks and Emilio Palame, is available on Tubi and Vimeo On Demand. Soon to be available on AppleTV and Amazon Prime.

Knights Of Swing

The “joyful and exuberant” (JW Vibe) newly released and critically acclaimed family film “Knights of Swing” will touch your heart and take you back to an unforgettable period in American history. This comes on the heels of winning Best Picture awards at the Paris, London, Milan, and Rome film festivals.

America is still recovering from World War II in 1947, and the Civil Rights Movement is still years away. The music of big-band swing is very popular. Knights of Swing tells the story of a determined group of jazz musicians in high school who convince Mr. Miller, their reticent science and math teacher, to help them form a “really swingin’ big band.”

When school administrators and community leaders object to the diversity of the band, things get complicated at Castle High. Lines are drawn and alliances are formed. Knights of Swing reveals the power of music through a moving and uplifting journey of forgiveness and unconditional love.

“Knights of Swing pushes hope, teamwork, and positivity to the extreme, which quite frankly is something we could use a lot more of these days,” said Alan Ng (Film Threat).

Making Knights Of Swing

Rolland Jacks, Emilio Palame, and David Gutel wrote and directed the Knights of Swing screenplay, which was produced by Rolland Jacks, Emilio Palame, and Donald Nguyen at Reel Big Studios. You won’t be able to forget the unforgettable original songs and lyrics written by Rolland Jacks, who also serves as executive producer.

“It was 1947 in post-war Southern California,”said Rolland Jacks. “I was in a band called Knights of Swing and wanted to recapture some of the feelings and excitement of the era along with the beauty and musicality of big band jazz – when those bands were all the rage. The film is based loosely on my experiences, embellished with a big helping of imagination.”

“Knights Of Swing is the most important artistic endeavor in my 45-year career,” said

Knights Of Swing on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Knights Of Swing

writer/director/actor/pianist/arranger/orchestrator Emilio Palame. “Through our talented and dedicated cast and crew, our film tells a poignant and inspirational story that illustrates that no matter what, ‘You’ve Gotta Have a Dream!”

“Knights of Swing is, at its core, about pursuing your dreams and working hard to make them a reality. As director alongside Emilio Palame, I hope to inspire people to follow theirs,” said co-director/co-writer David Gutel.

Knights Of Swing Synopsis

Knights of Swing is the story of a young group of jazz musicians in high school who begin as a garage band and grow into a full Big Band. We see through the eyes of Mr. Herb Miller, the band director, and the young musicians of the Knights of Swing that, for them, it’s not about race, gender, or ability; rather, it’s about the music’s ability to seamlessly blend their cultures. Their journey is truly transformative and motivating.

Additionally, the film addresses numerous troubling personal and social issues pertaining to America after World War II. The love that people learn to share with one another through music helps them grow in their families, friendships, and romantic relationships.


Knights of Swing” is a feature film set in the late forties, chronicling a group of young jazz musicians whose dream is to form a, “really swingin’ big

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