New Film, The Anxiety of Laughing, Uses Humour And Heart To Address Stereotypes About People With Disabilities

You are currently viewing New Film, The Anxiety of Laughing, Uses Humour And Heart To Address Stereotypes About People With Disabilities

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, order + Craig Film and Media Distribution release a new film, The Anxiety of Laughing, to PVUDU.

The Anxiety of Laughing

The 2021 award-winning film “The Anxiety of Laughing” which is currently available to stream on VUDU and will soon be available on all other leading digital platforms, has been added to Craig + Porter Media, one of the newest entries to film distribution that is growing at the fastest rate.

The low-budget film was directed, produced, and written by a professor and former student from the University of California, Riverside. It was well-received by critics for its powerful message about integrating people with disabilities into society.

Andrew Justvig

The performance of Andrew Justvig, who played Joey, a stand-up comedian with cerebral palsy, was particularly praised by the audience for its effortless ease. Joey uses dialogue that shocks the audience to cover up the overwhelming difficulty of his life: The movie ends with a heavy sigh, some laughter, and a lot to think about. He is a person who carries grins to countenances and cheers hearts in a split second up, in a romantic tale of high points and low points, as he demonstrates over and over that he is ‘enough.’

New Film, The Anxiety of Laughing, Uses Humour And Heart To Address Stereotypes About People With Disabilities
The Anxiety Of Laughing

Will their romantic tale endure everyday hardship and the vast obstacles that family and society present? “The Anxiety of Laughing” additionally stars Brandi Robinson as co-lead, and Erith Jaffe-Berg, Chris’s Executive in supporting jobs.

Disability Media Network

On “Deadly Ground,” “America’s Most Wanted,” and “2 Hearts” director Robin Uriel Russin and co-star Andrew Justvig first created it as a play, but the Disability Media Network picked it up during the Covid-19 outbreak, making it a film. The cast and crew worked tirelessly, working graveyard shifts, perfecting every scene and detail, resulting in the film’s premieres at Dances With Films in the United States and the Cannes World Film Festival in other countries. It was made possible in an impossible time frame of five days on a budget of $9,000.

“‘The Anxiety of Laughing’ delivers a message of hope to view and integrate the differently abled in society as equals, not as liabilities, with a touch of comedy and drama. Andrew has been the essence of the film, and we are glad it is returning to the audience now on digital platforms. Also, with the right cast and group, we made it conceivable. We, as independent filmmakers, have a duty to entertain, but we also have a responsibility to do more than just entertain. Naturally, we frequently face additional constraints, such as limited budgets and shooting locations. The audience, on the other hand, will follow along if the content is up to par.” Russin Robin Uriel

It was selected by the Milan Gold Festival, the Mumbai Bollywood International Film Festival, the Glendale International Film Festival, and the Kalahari Film Festival, among a dozen others, in addition to receiving honorable mention at the Florence Film Awards and the best independent film award at 2021 8 and Halfilm Awards. Russin, Justivig, and Michael Bulbenko are the co-producers of the movie. Executive producers were Keith L. Craig, Jennifer Price, and Jeff Porter.

About The Anxiety of Laughing

The Anxiety of Laughing is a 2021 honor-winning parody show romantic tale now accessible to stream on VUDU. Distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media, it is composed, delivered, and coordinated by a pair of previous understudies and teachers at the College of California, Riverside.


Porter + Craig is one of the newest and most exciting partnership ventures in independent film and television sales. It is based primarily in Beverly Hills but also has connections in Washington, DC, and Atlanta. Two young but seasoned industry veterans have joined forces to take digital development to the next level.

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