Marcus D. Spencer Writes And Stars In New Film, Who Needs It?

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, in new film, Who Needs It?, Marcus D. Spencer plays the role of a therapist trying to help three couples navigate through their dynamic relationships.

Who Needs It?

Who Needs It? on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Who Needs It?

Marcus D. Spencer, an actor, writer, and producer for Touch The Heart Productions, has released the thought-provoking new film “Who Needs It?” on Vudu and Tubi.

“Who Wants It?” follows the therapist played by Spencer as he tries to help three very different couples with their relationship problems. The movie takes viewers on a roller coaster ride through a variety of emotions, from sadness to rage to humor, and gives them a new perspective on the human condition and what unites everyone.

“Who Wants It?” was co-written by Eduardo Castrillo and Spencer for Uncia Films. Michael Grayson, Sherill Quinn, Felix Harry, Quania Jones, Dawayne Jordan, Jason King, and Samili Watson are among the film’s actors.

Marcus D. Spencer, a native of Oakland, California, directed the film, which was shot in Fremont, Oakland, and San Francisco, California. Spencer is also known for locally-based films like “Straight Outta Oakland 1&2.”

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