Made In AI Podcast, A Sci-Fi Sitcom, Was Created Using Artificial Intelligence

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Made In AI podcast co-written and performed by AI with minimal human input has been launched by David Sloly, former journalist and agency owner.

Made In AI

The sci-fi sitcom Made In AI is a weekly podcast that follows a family of artificial intelligence as they attempt to save the planet. The production of the show uses a number of AI platforms to come up with plot ideas, write parts of the script, and voice all of the actors’ parts.

Made In AI Podcast, A Sci-Fi Sitcom, Was Created Using Artificial Intelligence
Made In AI Podcast

David Sloly, the show’s creator, is currently training AI to create a fully autonomous episode by linking platforms like Auto-GPT, generative search, and speech synthesis. David envisions a future in which a cohesive episode of Made in AI would be written and performed entirely by AI with minimal human intervention. Also, with the advances in discourse amalgamation, man-made intelligence entertainers will sound much more human-like.

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Slowly expressed that while certain individuals in the imaginative business stress over man-made reasoning taking their positions, others are unobtrusively utilizing man-made intelligence to produce unique thoughts, plots, and stories and even convey exhibitions. Creatives can now use AI tools to develop novel concepts, prototype concepts, and produce original content with the introduction of powerful speech synthesis software ChatGPT and AI-enabled production software.

AI-Created Content

The creative industry is all set for an explosion of AI-created content due to the low entry cost and relative ease of use. As artificial intelligence advances, so does the show’s utilization of simulated intelligence to work on the result. Sloly explained that autonomous goal-setting technologies are learning what my characters have said in the past and what they are most likely to do in a given situation.

Although well-defined characters overcoming situations with comedic outcomes may be possible using AI, it is generally acknowledged that AI is poor at telling gags. So far, it seems to be well received by the audience, mostly humans.

David Sloly

David Sloly is an innovation trailblazer and parody maker (Gold Sony Grant, MOBO grant, past creations evaluated in the main 3 most powerful public broadcasts by The Watchman Paper). He co-owns the strategic marketing agency HarveyDavid and attended the Saeed Business School to study artificial intelligence.

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