Author Interview Lisa Blackshaw new book Rise and Thrive 

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Lisa Blackshaw new book Rise and Thrive 

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Author Lisa Blackshaw discusses her self-help book Rise and Thrive and inspires readers to find positivity.

Author Interview Lisa Blackshaw new book Rise and Thrive 
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Lisa Blackshaw as regards her life and career, why she wanted to write, and what stimulated her self-help book Rise and Thrive.

Tell me about  Lisa Blackshaw:

Author Interview Lisa Blackshaw new book Rise and Thrive 
Lisa Blackshaw

I am the author and creator of the motivational books Rise and Thrive. As an experienced sailor, I have sailed four of the seven seas and collected ideas from all over the world.

My dream is to inspire the world through my writing and empower everyone to use the techniques of Rise and Thrive for their positivity.

When did ye first want to compose a book?

Ever since I learned how to use a pencil, I  wanted to be a writer. So the truth is I’ve waited almost 30 years for this to happen! As a kid, my game idea was to take 3 pieces of recycled paper, fold them in half, sew them together, and then design a 6-page picture book.  I started writing novels as a teenager but never finished one.

Rise and Thrive came about because I was looking for a model for my morning routine. I wanted to start the day with positive actions that would impact my lifestyle. I’ve searched the earth for personal changes to morning routines and rituals, but they only explained how to create a routine, they don’t provide a toolkit. I downloaded “The Big Book of Quotes” but it lacked the spice. There was no narration, so the quotes whirled around aimlessly in my head.

When did ye decide to start writing?

It was March 2022 during the lockdown. When I was working in a too-far part of the Caribbean. Literally stuck in paradise with no flight home! The ability to capture positivity in my writing was unexpected. All the uplifting quotes I curated really helped me get through my first block which was surrounded by a lot of uncertainty. Three months later, I returned home with the manuscript and set to work learning how to self-publish the book and share the Rise and Thrive lifestyle with the world.

How long did it take you for your first book, from the initial idea to publication?

I really enjoyed the writing part and felt it was the most important part of the process. I was so wrong! The book cover design took 2-3 months with about 12 revisions before I was satisfied. Choosing the right fonts for the quotation marks was more difficult than expected, but the formula would only work if you could “pop” it on the pages. Then I sent the first draft to my secretary. Once everything was set up, I started promoting and posting! It’s been two years from beginning to finish.

Focus on the latest version. What drew you to write Rise and Thrive?

I started writing Rise and Thrive because I couldn’t find a book that would help me start my day no matter what crazy change at sea or what time zone I woke up in. For me, the morning is the first chapter of each day and my favorite moment to read, study and concentrate. I was having a eureka moment: the genre I was reading would set the tone for my day, so I decided to generate positive energy by reading affirmations and wisdom quotes.

It would be impolite and impolite to keep that thought to yourself. I just knew other people could benefit from harnessing the power of positive quotes to start their day!

Author Interview Lisa Blackshaw new book Rise and Thrive 
Rise and Thrive

What were thy biggest challenges writing Rise and Thrive?

The writing part is where I “blossom”. I write almost every day! I can not without it! Ideas and words swirl around in my head and it’s so cathartic to put pen to paper or finger to laptop. I use Instagram posts to spark some of that passion, but sometimes I hold back so the captions aren’t too long or overbearing.

The biggest challenge in writing Rise and Thrive was the editing phase. Torn and reassembled manuscript. A sentence that would make sense in my head could not be deciphered by my proofreader or editor! Some passages were nothing more than overzealous chatter. Maybe like me now?

Did you have help with the assembly and how many modifications did Rise and Thrive require?

My mother read it first and helped formulate the idea. Growing up, he always kept an eye on grammatically proofreading my homework. Then my husband read it and asked a few questions about the format. Additionally, a friend of a friend in the publishing industry took a look and gave his opinion on the need to hire a professional editor. Amanda from Top Choice Content healed the cracks and tamed my voice.

What is the first piece of writing advice thou would give someone that inspired you to write a story?

I only have one quote for this answer! “Start before you’re ready. Don’t prepare, start.” ~ Mel Robbins

Can thou tell me what books you want to write next?

I’ve already started the second book in the Rise and Thrive: Quotes To Start Your Day For Fitness Motivation series, which is full of uplifting quotes to help readers live a fit and healthy life! Just the pressure of writing this book makes me go to the gym twice as often.

And finally, are you proud of the result? It was worth it?

I would do it again. I would have done it differently, but I don’t regret it. I love hearing readers talk about how the book has enriched and empowered them. Although I wrote it, two people don’t get the same thing from a book. Receiving positive feedback is as inspiring as a mirror. Helping others is the whole point of this book!

“We can’t help all, but all can help any.” ~ Ronald Reagan I decided to do any and I did it! Self-publishing takes a lot of work, but I’m very elated by the journey and the results. Self-publishing takes a lot of work, but I’m very proud of the journey and the results.

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