Lauren B. Mosley Has Important Role In New Film, MISSING

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Lauren B. Mosley, a newcomer to Hollywood, plays a significant role in Sony’s most recent release, MISSING.

Lauren B. Mosley

Lauren B. Mosley is the hottest lead actor to break out in Hollywood. Her new movie, MISSING is distributed by Sony. Since the release of MISSING, Lauren B. Mosley has become a highly sought-after actress. As a result, we can expect to see her a lot more in 2023. She stars alongside Storm Reid and Nia Long in this innovative thriller written and directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson.

Lauren B. Mosley Lauren B. Mosley on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Lauren B. Mosley

Lauren is a committed practitioner, an actress who lives in Los Angeles, and an explorer of all things wild, bold, and connected. Lauren is a Washingtonian from birth because she is from Prince George’s County, Maryland, and has family ties to the Washington, D.C., area. She learned about theatre arts at Thomas G. Pullen, a well-known Prince George’s County magnet arts school.

Lauren B. Mosley’s Career

Lauren’s diverse body of work, which includes the hit movie MID-’90s with Jonah Hill and MISSING with Storm Reid and Nia Long, demonstrates her versatility.

Lauren is an accomplished broadcaster and host with a long list of mini-productions and short films under her belt. She puts her whole self into every project she takes on. The most genuine aspect of her dedication to her craft is her desire to deeply touch others, whether through humanitarian service, friends, family, or the audience on stage and screen. She simply possesses the ability to bring characters to life and tell stories, which gives her strength in each role.

Lauren B. Mosley was recently cast as a voice-over artist for the QCODE and Apple podcast “Last Known Position.” She plays Mikaela Soto’s wife, Alexis, who is played by Gina Rodriguez. Gina Rodriguez will serve as executive producer for the upcoming Amazon Prime television series of the podcast.

Lauren B. Mosley has a Master of Fine Arts and a double degree in broadcasting and public relations, which gave her a lot of experience working with cameras. As she raises her game in this competitive industry, this rising star is one to keep an eye on.

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MISSING is a thrilling roller coaster mystery written by the people behind Searching. It makes you wonder how well you know your closest friends and family. June’s (Storm Reid) investigation into her mother’s (Nia Long) disappearance while she was on vacation in Colombia with her new boyfriend is hampered by international red tape.

June finds herself stranded in Los Angeles, thousands of miles away, and she uses the most cutting-edge technology she has to find her before it’s too late. June’s digital sleuthing, on the other hand, raises more questions than it answers, and when she discovers secrets about her mother, she discovers that she never really knew her at all.

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