Sasha Lanes From Filmmaker Marc Cayce To Premiere In Hollywood

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, known for his stellar lineup of films, Sasha Lanes From Filmmaker Marc Cayce brings us another witty and engaging film, Sasha Lanes.

Sasha Lanes From Filmmaker Marc Cayce

Sasha Lanes From Filmmaker Marc Cayce has been making movies for decades despite living in Los Angeles. He is originally from the Motor City. Cayce has a novel and intriguing method for bringing relatable stories to life on the big screen, in addition to producing excellent content that is well-received by audiences all over the country.

Even though Cayce has a lot of influence, he knows how important it is to connect with people through their feelings and build on experiences from their lives that are similar. In his most recent movie, Sasha Lanes, you can clearly see how meticulous he is when it comes to the important details.

Sasha Lanes

Sasha Lanes From Filmmaker Marc Cayce To Premiere In Hollywood, Glock On Me karmic creation Is the Best Entertainment Magazine in the world entertainmentmagazine
Sasha Lanes

Sasha Lanes takes the decision to move across the country in a bus in an effort to escape the suffering and difficulties she experienced in the past. When Sasha meets a man on social media and he convinces her to stop in Las Vegas, her trip turns into a terrible mishap. She learns that he is married and has been deceiving her for years. She moves to Los Angeles to start a new life and get a new job. She is devastated and lost.

Shacola Thompson, Cheryl Rich, Al Maddin, and Marie Lemelle produced the film, which was directed by Sasha Lanes From Filmmaker Marc Cayce. Paula Jai Parker (Proud Family, Hustle & Flow, Idlewild), Jensen Atwood (Noah’s Arc, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Dante’s Cove), Patrick Faucette, Lanett Tanett, Tachel Sarodj Bertin, Melissa Strong, Shannon Foster, Titus Thorpe, and Carla Triplett round out the stellar ensemble cast of the movie. and JadaPaige Danley and Tico Wells (The Five Heartbeats).

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