Jaime Amor, Founder Of Cosmic Kids, Announces A Campaign For Children’s Mental Health Week

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, for Children’s Mental Health Week 2023, Jaime Amor, the founder of Founder Of Cosmic Kids, has developed a series of tools.

Founder Of Cosmic Kids

Founder Of Cosmic Kids has a long-term plan to get kids moving for their mental health and well-being through fun and engaging sessions. This initiative is part of that plan. In the past ten years, close to 50 million hours of Cosmic Kids videos have been viewed.

Founder Cosmic Kids has created a five-part video series that children can watch throughout the week to learn useful, positive ways to improve their emotional well-being. Amor will also visit schools across the nation throughout the week in addition to the video series. Additionally, a bundle called “Mental Health Superpowers Cut-Out-and-Keep” has been made available for free to all primary educators and parents, and it contains brain snacks in bite-sized pieces that are meant to support children’s mental health.

Jaime Amor, Founder Of Cosmic Kids, Announces A Campaign For Children's Mental Health Week, Entertainment Magazine is one of the best Celebrity Entertainment Magazine in the world entertainmentmagazine
Jaime Amor Photo by: Carsten Windhorst

Amor, who has been dubbed the “modern-day Mary Poppins,” has received support from the likes of Barack Obama, the Kardashians, Paul McCartney, and the European Space Agency (Amor recently performed Yoga in Space with ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, the female commander of the International Space Station).

Children's Mental Health Week

Amor has provided a variety of mental and physical health content for children over the past ten years. Over 250,000 schools use Cosmic Kids, making it the most popular kids' yoga and mindfulness brand in the world. Each week, 3.5 million kids watch Cosmic Kids.

Let's Connect will be the Children's Mental Health theme for this year. It's all about making connections that matter. Communities are where people thrive, and this connection is essential to our well-being. Our mental health and sense of well-being are bolstered by strong connections to family, friends, and others.

A five-part video series is being released today by Jaime. Every day, a fun new video will be released that focuses on a different aspect of positive wellbeing. Jaime will begin each video in the series by assisting the children in comprehending mental health and its relevance. then an easy, fun, and useful tool based on visualization, movement, relaxation, affirmation, and breathing that they can try. Children will be encouraged to form meaningful, healthy, and rewarding connections with others through the videos. Children learn important skills by participating in Jaime's Cosmic Kids activities.

Jaime Amor

Jaime Amor does not appear to be delivering educational messages to children that could lead to better mental and physical health. They tell Jaime which new characters or films they'd like to see explored through yoga, and they love the fun and danger of the adventures in which she plays every role.

Jaime, who has a deep sense of responsibility for children, claims that the physical and mental health benefits of sitting quietly with one's thoughts not only aid children in processing difficult emotions but also in recognizing them in the first place.

Jaime is of the opinion that children occasionally require time to process their feelings, develop awareness, and become familiar with themselves. Understanding that emotions come in all shapes and sizes is crucial, as is teaching children empathy and putting yourself in the shoes of other people.

Cosmic Kids focuses entirely on the children's interactions with stories and movement. In essence, the story serves as a training ground for children to experience difficult circumstances viscerally. For instance, when Squish the Fish leaves them to seek assistance while they are exploring a shipwreck and attempting to open a locked treasure chest, they can observe how they feel when suddenly alone in an unfamiliar location! It's possible that they are anxious, worried, afraid, etc. They can take a moment to look at their emotions, name them, and try out some tools. We find that rubbing our earlobes helps us feel less stressed out. They "anchor" to their happy place when they close their eyes. Then, take a few Darth Vader breaths to calm down and clear their minds!

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Mental And Physical Health

Amor aims to help children learn to be resilient, recognize their feelings, and overcome obstacles through her videos. She talks directly to the child, teaches them yoga poses, boosts their strength, flexibility, and endurance, and helps them become more self-aware and find calm equilibrium. Everyone is welcome and able to participate.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is primarily fun and a huge mood booster, and 99% of parents report seeing a positive change in their children's physical and mental health as a result of using the program. Amor's sessions also improve self-esteem, focus, stress reduction, positive emotion recognition, mental centering, self-regulation, and coordination.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

At Cosmic Kids, mental and physical development tools are wrapped in fun and imagination, so they never feel like "techniques" that are heavy, serious, and labored. The goal is to make them relatable and understandable for kids so they can see how they could be useful in their own lives. The children must adore it has always been Jaime's motto! That is the only way it can function! Most importantly, because Cosmic Kids Yoga is so much fun for kids, it's important for them to laugh and scream during their sessions!

When children begin using tools for mental health at a young age, it becomes second nature. When they experience intense emotions, they are just a little bit more aware. We are not talking about large-scale interventions here; rather, we are talking about learning to occasionally notice your thoughts. taking a few deep breaths to calm down and clear your mind. or imagine the place where you feel amazing by closing your eyes.

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On February 6, 2023, the Cosmic Kids video series for Children's Mental Health Week began: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8snGkhBF7ngZNuJ0CPUn

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