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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the new horror film TRINKET BOX opened in theaters across the United States on March 31, 2023, unleashing an evil wrath from the past.

Trinket Box

Acoryé White, a filmmaker and actor, and Patrycja Kpa, a co-director and producer, are the filmmakers behind TRINKET BOX. In conjunction with the release of the film, they are also launching a $4,000 Giveaway for fans on social media.

In Trinket Box, Mike and Ava, an interracial couple who just got married, move to a new house with the intention of starting fresh. However, a historical evil that has been locked away for years is about to break free and wreck their relationship and lives.

White, best known for his work in Netflix’s Juanita and Under the Stadium Lights, and Augie Duke (Mayans M.C., 6:45) star in this terrifying tale. Experienced actresses Sandra Ellis Lafferty (The Hunger Games, Lansky) and Cindy Hogan (American Underdog, Stranger Things) also make appearances.

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TRINKET BOX, a new horror film by Acoryé White and Patrycja Kępa

The movie is playing in major movie theater chains like Regal Cinemas, Marcus Theatres, Premiere Cinemas, and Harkins Theatres. There are more than 50 theaters in more than 20 cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Birmingham, Miami Beach, and others. A streaming release in the United States and a global release scheduled for later this year.

White and Kepa

Trinket Box denotes the executive element debut for the filmmaking group White and Kepa, who shot it on the spot in Atlanta. As a first-time filmmaker, White shared that it’s an honor to be accepted into so many major theater chains in the US. Taking a grassroots approach to self-distribute the film into theaters was a lot of hard work and a lot of sleepless nights, but he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. He gets to show kids, especially those who look like him, what can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance.

To show their appreciation for their fans, the filmmakers are launching a $4K social media GIVEAWAY on March 31 to coincide with TRINKET BOX’s.

One-month theatrical release in the United States. Simply go to a screening, take a picture of yourself in front of the TRINKET BOX poster at your local theater, and share it on social media with the hashtag #trinketboxfilm. You will automatically be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of April for a chance to win $1,000.

Under their Anchored Lens Productions banner, White and Kepa co-wrote and produced the film along with Tru’Kessa S. Scott, Nelson E. Barnes Jr., Beata and Ryszard Kpa, Kennan Walay, Charles Bridwell, Jillian Felton, Sydney Jordan, Levi Wenrich, Arthur Bruce Jr., and Joseph Winston as executive producers.

Anchored Lens Productions

Anchored Lens Productions has committed to making a donation of ten percent of the profits it makes from all of its feature films to their homeless foundation and global outreach to underserved communities. White explained that it truly brings him joy to know that their film will successfully launch Anchored Lens Productions’ social impact division, which will begin with a Southern apprenticeship program for homeless college students. He can’t wait for everyone to watch, as he feels so fortunate to do what he does.

Kepa expressed her excitement and stated that they really wanted to take a novelist’s perspective on race, love, and family through the lens of horror when writing the story. As a first-time female movie producer, this is an immense achievement for her. She wants to share it with all women and girls working in film or considering doing so because, despite the fact that people won’t have faith in you and will continue to question your choices, you will never know what greatness you can achieve if you don’t keep moving forward.

Full Synopsis of TRINKET BOX:

Before the story flashes back to the late 1930s, when Mary Ann, a young white girl, stumbles upon her eldest sister and black boyfriend in bed, TRINKET BOX begins with an unsettling cleanup of the crime scene. The indiscretion is discovered by the girls’ father as the boy tries to flee, resulting in a tragic altercation. After that, Mary Ann is enticed to a wicked trinket box, where she accidentally unleashes a dark history on the family and their land.

The setting shifts back to the present day as Mike and Ava, a young interracial couple, move into a new house full of anticipation for fresh beginnings. Ava receives a morning visit from Mrs. Davis, an elderly woman who appears to be nice. She gives the new neighbor a trinket box as a welcome present. Ava begins to have hallucinations as Mike visits more frequently, which he denies because he thinks the old lady doesn’t like their relationship. Mike doesn’t catch on until it’s too late and the evil is upon them.

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About Acoryé White:

Acoryé White has been blowing up the screen as an actor. He most recently appeared in the thriller Last the Night alongside Eve Mauro, Glenn Plummer, and Brian Austin Green; also, as the previous ’09 Abilene Secondary School football player Herschel Sims, inverse Laurence Fishburne in the rousing, Under the Arena Lights.

He starred alongside Glenn Plummer in the sci-fi thriller One and the Same and Guy Pearce in the horror film The Seventh Day. As Alfre Woodard’s son in the Netflix original Juanita, he first gained attention. White is currently working on the action-thriller Bellmount, which he will direct and star in as a creator; and finishing up a new sports drama pilot for television called Kalu. Kalu, composed by White, is propelled by obvious story and he intends to guide it this late spring.

About Patrycja Kpa:

Patrycja Kpa is a rising director and writer in the film industry. Kepa is a Chicago-raised Polish immigrant with a background in business consulting and a love of design and art. Kepa is currently working as a producer and unit production manager on the action-thriller Bellmount as a creator. This summer, Kepa will also begin filming her television pilot, American Dream. Kepa will direct American Dream, a psychological drama based on real-life events, in her solo debut as a director.

About Anchored Lens Productions:

Anchored Lens Productions is a social impact production company that aims to make high-quality films and media on smaller budgets. It also uses the film industry’s exposure to help end homelessness by telling stories and providing resources, support, and job training on its film sets and productions.

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