Groundbreaking Book BANG Released By Black Entrepreneur, Sheldon T Daniels

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, self-made millionaire and influential black entrepreneur, Sholdon T Daniels, releases Groundbreaking Book BANG Blacks Achieving Next-Level Growth.

Groundbreaking Book BANG

Attorney Sholdon Daniels, Groundbreaking Book BANG an influential black entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of his first book, B.A.N.G!: Blacks Achieving Next-Level Growth (The Official Guide to Black Entrepreneurship).

B.A.N.G!: Blacks Achieving Next-Level Growth not only offers useful advice on how to run a profitable business, but it also discusses the significance of finding a balance between work and personal life and making use of success to improve the black community. Sholdon is pleased to promote this book in honor of Black History Month and the accomplishments of black entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Sholdon T Daniels

The Kindle eBook version of B.A.N.G!: Blacks Achieving Next-Level Growth is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. The softcover version of the book is scheduled to be released on February 27th, 2023.

Sheldon T Daniels

Sheldon T Daniels is an influential black entrepreneur, husband, father, and self-made millionaire. He is committed to assisting others in achieving their objectives and has a passion for empowering and inspiring black entrepreneurs.

Sheldon T Daniels stated that he is honored to publish this book at a time when the black community is both celebrating and being praised for its incredible accomplishments, as well as healing from the recent events surrounding the Tyre Nichols tragedy. He hopes that it will empower the next generation of black business leaders and serve as an inspiration and direction for entrepreneurs.

Attorney Sheldon T Daniels shares his personal experiences and insights on how to overcome obstacles and achieve success in the business world as a person of color. He rose from rural poverty and family dysfunction in Texas to incredible success as a lawyer and entrepreneur. Based on Sholdon’s own journey as he built his empire, the book includes case studies of some of the most influential black entrepreneurs as well as practical advice and strategies for aspiring black entrepreneurs.

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