The World’s First-Ever Smart Baseball For Active Gaming

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Speed Test and Ground Ball have been added to the list of free games that come with the world’s first smart baseball.

Smart Baseball

Speed Test and Ground Ball, two brand-new games for Backyard League Gaming Baseball, the world’s smartest baseball with all the advanced technology needed to experience Active Gaming and improve baseball skills through play, will be officially released by Norwegian sports technology company Playfinity in January.

Speed Test

Speed Test, Smart Baseball, on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Speed Test

Playfinity has come up with a more fun and engaging way to test each player’s throwing skills with the recently introduced Speed Test, which has been a popular request. Players will be led through a 10-round test by Coach Bob, who will announce the speeds for each throw. A test history keeps track of the player’s progress over time and records each round.

The player is guided by real-time audio commentary, which improves performance. Players can choose to throw to a catcher or against a padded surface, and they can set the distance. The game is intended for throwers aged 6 to 14. Players receive points for consistency, and the average serves as the basis for the final speed score. New high scores are rewarded with a diploma from Coach Bob.

Ground Ball

Ground Ball, Smart Baseball, on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Ground Ball

Ground Ball was created to make learning how to ground ball fun. You can choose from a variety of game modes, including beating your own score, competing with friends and co-players, and challenging other players worldwide.

The ball provides the player with real-time feedback to help them improve their skills and measures important stats like catching accuracy, throwing accuracy, and transition time. As they level up and improve their skills, players earn badges.


Active Gaming can be found at Playfinity. They are a sports-tech company based in Norway with the goal of making kids’ futures more active. In order to keep kids active, Playfinity gamifies sports and creates engaging, fun, and playful experiences. Children’s mental and physical development depends on active play. They are pleased to report that the mission is successful, that they are expanding globally, and that they are excited to encourage more children to get active after five years of development, three products on the market, thousands of jumpers and players worldwide, and a very exciting roadmap.

Smart Baseball from Playfinity on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Smart Baseball

“We are very proud to have thousands of players globally and to give them two exciting new games,” said Playinfity CEO Pippa Boothman. “Speed Test and Ground Ball use advanced gaming technology to keep kids active, interested, and motivated while naturally building their confidence in the game and letting them have fun. That’s what Playfinity is all about!”

There are currently tens of thousands of Playfinity users using various products. The commentary, music, sound effects, and real-time audio feedback are adored by the players. It puts you, along with a global community, at the center of the game, creating an immersive and realistic experience.

Playfinity will hold their first demonstration in the United States from January 5 to 8 at CES in Las Vegas, booth 60701 in Eureka Park, and at the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention in Nashville, booth #3100. They encourage everyone to come play!

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