Ellee Ven And The Groovaluation Release New Single, I Won’t Wait For Springtime

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the ethereal single “I Won’t Wait For Springtime” by ellee ven and her band The Groovalution is a celebration of spring before it arrives.

I Won’t Wait For Springtime

Ellee wrote and co-produced I Won’t Wait For Springtime with Terry Santiel as a last attempt to communicate with a failing relationship. The lyrics convey the agony and frustration that arise when one’s personal freedom is threatened. In the song, she decides to make her own future instead of sitting back and waiting for it to start.

It’s about springtime every year without having to wait for validation from outside sources. Its melodic sythesis, was composed by The Groovalution’s keyboardist Jeff Diverse and highlights the rich, melodic strings of violin player Laurann Heavenly messenger.

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Won’t Wait For Springtime

Team Groovalution decided to map their future similarly, releasing “Won’t Wait For Springtime” just a few weeks after it was made. This single comes in front of the eagerly awaited “No Merece La Pena” on Spring 28th and “More promising times” which is set for discharge on April eleventh.

“No Merece La Pena” is most memorable melody totally in Spanish. The song is about not hurting oneself for the wrong person or reason, and it is inspired by her feisty Spanish mother. The song also features a beautiful guitar.

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ellee ven

Over the past two years, ellee ven has released music on her own and sold over 15 million copies in 100 countries. Ellee Ven is proud to own the rights to her catalog as a means of artistic independence. The work of Ellee Ven demonstrates that an artistic vision can be fueled by a genuine interest in self-expression and creativity.

The Virtual Quilt was also created ; The Virtual Quilt is a digital, permanent, and free art installation that lets people from all over the world view cataloged artwork from around the world. By uploading and sharing their own original artwork, anyone can take part in The Virtual Quilt.

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You can listen to “Won’t Wait For Springtime” and all of ellee ven’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music, all of which are popular music streaming services.


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