Dianña Releases New Country Song, A Street Called Evergreen

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Dianña rediscovers her roots in new autobiographical song, A Street Called Evergreen, about her beginnings as a singer-songwriter.

A Street Called Evergreen

Despite the fact that Diana’s previous two albums were crossover hits for Adult Contemporary, her new album, “A Street Called Evergreen,” perfectly fits her role as a storytelling singer-songwriter for Country music. today, broadcast on radio, SpotifyApple Music, and all major music platforms reported her label Billeegee Productions.

A Street Called Evergreen by Dianña on YNF Entertainment Magazine
A Street Called Evergreen

“I wrote the first draft over ten years ago about my childhood living in a particular house,” said Dianña. “That draft had a negative tone as I was trying to exorcise often bad and even traumatic memories through my songwriting. But I was never able to finish it. Then a year ago I decided to visit the house and it had been torn down, which took away many of the bad memories for me. So I rewrote the song focusing on the positive memories.”


“Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe,” Diana’s holiday single, reached #14 on the Adult Contemporary Holiday Chart. Her previous single, “Hands,” spent seven weeks inside the top 20 of the Adult Contemporary charts, where she was also the #1 independent artist for five of those weeks.

Diana wrote the song “A Street Called Evergreen,” which was recorded in Nashville by Grammy-nominated producer/mixer Mark Needham (Dolly Parton, Imagine Dragons, Chris Isaak).

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