EDM Dance Cover Of Miley Cyrus’ Hit Flowers By Adagio Jones Out Now

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Adagio Jones, a rising artist who is making waves in the EDM/Dance scene with their distinctive sound and high-energy performances, recently released Flowers.


Rising artist Adagio Jones has released their latest album, a high-energy cover of Miley Cyrus’ hit song “Flowers,” which is sure to please EDM/Dance fans all over the world. Adagio Jones has placed their own twist on the well-known track, mixing it with irresistible beats and dynamic synth game plans that make certain to get audience members rolling.

The cover version of “Flowers” is sure to fill the dancefloor at a club or party is the cover version, which builds on the original’s catchy melody with pulsating rhythms and electrifying drops. The cover features Adagio Jones’ signature sound, which combines elements of house, techno, and trance to produce a track that is both contemporary and timeless.

EDM Dance Cover Of Miley Cyrus' Hit Flowers By Adagio Jones Out Now
Flowers – Adagio Jones

Baad Amplitude, Adagio Jones Maker added that they’ve forever been fans of Miley Cyrus, and when they heard ‘Flowers,’ they knew that they needed to put their own twist on it. They wanted to make a version that would really bring the song to life in a new way and get people moving and energized. With this cover, he believes they’ve accomplished that, and I can’t wait to hear it.”

EDM Cover

After the plan was arranged, they tried to coordinate a vigorous drum treatment and transient administration at the new quicker rhythm and discover some correlative balance for the mid-bass and sub-bass tracks that had been recorded so they could be cut out in a reciprocal style, said 500kFRQNCY, performer, and Maker for Adagio Jones.

Next up was handling the full commendation of 26 vocal tracks that had been recorded at one more studio to guarantee they could remain consistent with the exquisite line, yet become strong enough to rival the energy of the mood area.

This involved sending a stereo pair of leveled and panned vocals into Melodyne Studio, compressing them to get the right amount of attitude, and making them a little bit brighter in the frequency range. In a parallel process, the processed stereo pair was then imported back into the session and balanced in the mix with the original 26 unprocessed tracks to achieve the desired sweetness and singing technique.

On a vintage Ampex tape emulation, the entire track was then struck with 1″ Type 456 tape at 30 ips on the Repro head. Kush’s Clariphonic assumed a sense of ownership with the mid/side EQ obligations and the Neve 33609 wound up sticking everything together pleasantly.

Adagio Jones

Adagio Jones has been making waves in the EDM/Dance scene with their distinctive sound and high-energy performances, and the release of the “Flowers” cover follows in their footsteps.

They have made rapid progress with recent releases like Smile, which is being considered to be the theme song for a major Hollywood studio’s summer feature film. Adagio Jones is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the genre with a growing fan base and praise from critics.

“Flowers” is now on all significant streaming stages, and Adagio Jones urges fans to increase the volume and experience the energy of their most recent delivery.

Headroom Heroes

The musicians behind “Flowers” have also been making waves with their most recent Headroom Heroes releases in addition to their work as Adagio Jones. Their most recent single, “1984”, is influenced by the classic 1984 novel and has lyrics that hint at the headlines about government overreach in the news today. The song demonstrates the artists’ capacity to address difficult subjects and convey socially relevant messages through music.

However, that is not all – as Headroom Heroes have likewise delivered a lively and contemptuous track called ‘ChatTCB,’ which focuses on the ascent of artificial intelligence and energetically envisions a world in which ChatGPT assumes control over the world. The song demonstrates their willingness to push the boundaries of their art and take risks.

Headroom Heroes, like Adagio Jones, have established themselves as one of the music scene’s most innovative and thought-provoking acts with these recent releases. Their ability to combine humorous lyrics, socially relevant lyrics, and infectious beats is certain to attract new and existing fans.

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