COLOURS Of JAPAN YouTube Channel Lets You Experience Japan Like A Local

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the newly launched YouTube channel, COLOURS of JAPAN, provides English-speaking tourists with an insider’s perspective of Japan.


Colours of Japan on YNF Entertainment Magazine

Many tourists find Japan to be overwhelming at first; the options seem almost limitless. Despite this, a growing number of travelers prefer to travel for an authentic experience rather than to visit crowded tourist hotspots. YouTube is a popular place to plan upcoming trips, but you can’t always rely on the advice of first-timers who have also had to figure out Tokyo and Japan for themselves.

The brand-new COLOURS of JAPAN channel serves exactly this purpose. It demonstrates a side of Japan that tourists would never see without the assistance of locals.

Authentic local cuisine, an up-and-coming district, a well-known hotspot, or traditional customs: The young hosts want to show Tokyo and Japan as if they were best friends. They provide viewers with personal recommendations and recommendations for places to visit that aren’t typical for tourists. They show Japan in unexpected ways, making tourists feel at home in Japan. Although the presenters reside in Tokyo, they are able to imagine themselves as first-time visitors to Japan due to their diverse backgrounds.

Videos on COLOURS of JAPAN

The international and ambitious team behind COLOURS of JAPAN has experience in television and marketing. The various videos cover a wide range of topics, from hidden gems in various parts of the city to seasonal foods that only locals can easily find. Each video is about 10 minutes long and is a fun mix of detailed footage, real insider advice, and useful information for tourists visiting Japan. In addition to offering suggestions for activities, there are persuasive insights into Japanese culture and tradition.

Through the very personal recommendations of the presenters, Japanese citizens as well as visitors from other countries can benefit from the channel and experience their home country in a completely new way.

Every two weeks, new videos as well as various YouTube-Shorts of condensed information that can be saved and used again. Read More :


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