ChessLocke Takes The Foundations Of Classic Chess To A New Level

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Do you love a good challenge? If so, then this new indie game, Chesslocke, was built with you in mind.


ChessLocke is a fun RPG game with chess as the theme. Players are faced with a mountain of difficult levels to complete, each with its own puzzle. The 88 game board is lined with strategically placed pieces, necessitating a new strategy for each match.

The final objective? Stay for one turn on the enemy Throne after landing there. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and the more you progress through a campaign, the harder it gets.

How To Play Chesslocke

ChessLocke’s XP system and RPG style are what make it so exciting. You are given a set of special board pieces that can help you win a game. These skills can assist you in capturing enemy pieces, protecting your own, controlling the board, and other useful tasks. Each piece has its own special abilities, like the Knight’s Joust ability, which lets you attack in a straight line, and the Bishop’s Revive ability, which lets you bring back pieces that have been taken away.

By winning matches, you can earn experience points that can be used to improve these skills. The strategies you can use to win increase with the strength and variety of your pieces.

ChessLocke is an excellent game for both new and seasoned players alike. There are over 100 different Missions to complete, each with its own unique piece placements, Walls, and goals. Because the game constantly challenges you with something new, the task never gets old.

Taylor Hatton

ChessLocke is a true independent game that Taylor Hatton developed using spreadsheets and paper. He worked on the project for a long time and eventually saved enough money to hire a programmer, a composer, and two artists to realize his vision for ChessLocke.

Taylor cites his love of chess, tactical role-playing games like Final Fantasy Tactics, and board games like Chessmaster as sources of inspiration for the game. He wanted to develop a game that he could play with others and that was both entertaining and strategic. This is exactly what has been done; gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels adore this original independent game for everything it has to offer.

ChessLocke has received a number of updates since its launch, including multiplayer and additional dungeon maps. Taylor keeps an eye on the Discord server for the game to answer questions, give new players advice, and occasionally post a meme.

Taylor is currently concentrating on ChessLocke, but he is already hard at work on his next game. He wants to introduce something novel and exciting while maintaining the same level of difficulty as ChessLocke.

Find Chesslocke now:

With a plethora of engaging levels and strategic options, ChessLocke is a refreshing take on the classic game. It’s a great game to try out if you’re looking for a challenge because it has upgrades in the style of RPGs and an XP system that rewards skillful play. Now is the time to join the Discord server and download ChessLocke on Steam to begin your next adventure.

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