Celebrity Chef Keis Briscoe’s Journey From The Baltimore Projects To Head Of Her Own Culinary Empire

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, celebrity chef, Keis Briscoe, reflects on her life and her journey from living in the Baltimore Projects to culinary stardom, and her goals for the future.

Chef Keis Briscoe

Celebrity Chef Keis Briscoe gets emotional when she considers her success today, and how far she’s come from a youth in West Baltimore. The Bruce Court Projects, where she was brought up until the age of twelve, were home to a portion of her most unpleasant memories. She says that she encountered a ton of things kids shouldn’t have, like gun violence, drug use and addiction, corrupt police, and police brutality. She has encountered more violence than most, losing not just her baby sister’s dad at six years old directly before her eyes however having firearms drawn on herself by police at just five years old.

Chef Keis Briscoe on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Chef Keis Briscoe

At age twelve, Chef Keis’ mom moved the family out of the projects to a town thirty minutes away, Glen Burnie. Since Chef Keis knew nothing else beside the projects, she became disturbed by the quietness of her new environment. She rarely went outside for this reasonn; the absence of alarms, gunshots, junkies, and dealers covering the roads were a major change from her previous home.

Looking back, the choice to move out of the projects was the best thing Chef Keis’ mom could have made for her kids. Chef Keis refers to the differences between the rural life and hood life as the inspiration for her first entrepreneurial idea, a non-profit for the young people of Baltimore. Chef Keis accepts that the youth of Baltimore need an imaginative outlet to articulate their thoughts, and later on, she intends to use her culinary accomplishments to make this art centered non-profit a reality.

Chef Keis Briscoe’s Career

Chef Keis assisted her grandma with cooking, and remembers making her first dinner at six years old without help from anyone else. In secondary school she took culinary classes at a professional school called Center of Applied Technology North. Her experience there molded her love for cooking today, and started her energy to turn into a gourmet expert. Thus, she sought after an instruction at The Culinary Institute of America and Le Cordon Bleu.

Now, she is a private chef working for clients like Kevin and Eniko Hart, and has her own women’s chef apparel brand clothing brand Fancy Pants Chef Gear. She is also developing her gourmet spice and sauce line, and dealing with the previously mentioned charity devoted to art studies for Baltimore youth, and is set to appear on Chopped in 2023.

Chef Keis’ exceptional cooking style, her lively character, and her talent for business venture set her aside. You can taste the energy in her cooking and the devotion she has to her recipes. She is known for her joy and euphoria while cooking in the kitchen, wearing beautiful prints that propelled her to make her own clothing line.

Fancy Pants Chef Gear is made for female chefs and culinary workers who need to put themselves out there through strong, in vogue gourmet specialist clothing that is customized to fit with style and pizzaz. Her flavor and sauce brand understands a similar idea design; as she is dealing with item improvement, Chef Keis wants to ensure her flavors and sauces have that extra thing that the market just doesn’t offer.

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