British Indie Film, Hollowhood, Finds Home In America

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, after being picked up for distribution by Scooter P Entertainment, the low budget British indie horror film from Siren Stories, Hollowhood, is being watched across America.



Written and directed by co-creators JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney, Hollowhood is the first film from UK based independent entertainment business, Siren Stories.

Halloween in an old home in the middle of nowhere? Are you scared?

Hit play on your imagination

Olivia and her ex-girlfriend Penny will reunite for their friend Natasha’s Halloween getaway. At first Olivia’s fantasizes about reigniting the affection she and Penny shared, however the creepy local residents, the strange vicar, and a man whose wife disappeared a long time back change those plans. Soon, Olivia’s focus shifts from whether Penny and she can rekindle their romance to whether they can survive.

Filming Hollowhood

Hollowhood was made in the small town of Stafford in Staffordshire, and featured locations including local pubs and countryside, and the AirBnB Squirrel Barn. The filmmakers confessed they had very little experience in the film industry, but were keen to learn, and it was passion for the project that helped them achieve success, rather than any formal education.

JJ Barnes told BBC Radio Stoke that they made the film on a shoestring budget, bringing in friends and family to work long hours for no money in order to get their project completed. Kate Marris, Vicky Burke and Leo Parkes took the lead roles, and JJ and Jonathan also acted in the film. They were granted permission to film in various locations for no charge, as the businesses were keen to support and encourage the local filmmakers.

Experienced musician Jonathan McKinney scored the film, and even worked with a number of members of the cast and crew to write and record original songs to feature on the soundtrack, which is now available on Spotify, and other streaming platforms. JJ, used her experience of editing YouTube videos, to learn how to edit the scenes together.

Distribution of Hollowhood

Siren Stories first released Hollowhood on YouTube to a small but excited audience, but when Scooter P Entertainment approached them about potential international distribution, their plans were immediately changed. Instead of a little YouTube movie, the  now reaching international audiences, currently streaming on Plex and Tubi, and coming soon to more platforms.

JJ and Jon both explained that it was the faith of Francis Perdue at Scooter P Entertainment that allowed them to take their little film worldwide, and they are so proud and amazed at the incredible reception they have received. The two hope to go on and make more films!

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