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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, mini spray pumps are now available for Brew Glitter® products. Brew Glitter® can be applied to any drink, anywhere, thanks to the travel-size container!

Best 1Brew Glitter launches Travel Spray Pumps  Entertainment Magazine is one of the best Celebrity Entertainment Magazine in the world
Brew Glitter®

Brew Glitter

Brew Glitter® ( packaged its premium edible glitter in a 4-gram Mini Pump for ease of use. Mini Pumps and Brew Dust® Mini Pumps allow you to party or go out at night with friends and add a little sparkle to your favorite cocktails.

It simpler to take the best-selling formula on the go now that they have perfected the Brew Glitter® formulation. It is no longer necessary to measure the appropriate amount of drink glitter or to know how to apply it! Brew Glitter will glitter as you spray it.

“It’s been great seeing people use Brew Glitter and Brew Dust for different occasions, events, and parties on different scales,” said Food Safety Quality official, Michael Pinson. “Now Brew Glitter is solving how customers can get the same quality edible glitter on-the-go with optimal ease.”

Edible Glitter Sprays

The edible glitter sprays for drinks, each weighing 4 grams, make it simple for new customers to try different Brew Glitter products while also providing devoted Brew Glitter customers with a fun form factor. The glitter spray works with a simple finger press and is small enough to fit in purses or pockets.

Best 1Brew Glitter launches Travel Spray Pumps  Entertainment Magazine is one of the best Celebrity Entertainment Magazine in the worldBrew masters and cocktail connoisseurs all over the world now have access to Brew Glitter’s collection of more than 100 colors in the Brew Dust library and the Brew Glitter collection. Brew Glitter® is committed to providing the best edible drink glitter solutions for any occasion, whether the event is large or small.

About Brew Glitter

A privately held company with a global clientele is, which is based in Southern California, USA. Brew Glitter® is the largest supplier of edible food-grade glitters for beverages like champagne, beers, and wines.

The best place to buy edible beverage glitters, rimming salts and sugars, and cocktail stirring straws is Our edible glitters are free of nuts, gluten, dairy, and dairy products. All Brew Glitter® food products are produced and packaged in facilities that are GMP, Kosher Pareve, and HACCP certified, as well as a SoCal-based product.

Brew Glitter® is available in case quantities for wholesale and consumer use, as well as in larger bulk container sizes. Through our cutting-edge in-house custom label programs, we also collaborate with partners to purchase custom labels.

Brew Glitter’s stock of 100+ colours throughout the Brew Glitter series and Brew Dust library has given brew masters and cocktail connoisseurs around the world the appropriate manner to raise all in their beverage creations. For large events or smaller get-togethers,

About Brew Glitter:

Based in Southern California, USA, is a privately owned and operated enterprise with a worldwide consumer base. Brew Glitter® is the most important dealer of meals grade suitable for eating glitter for beverages, beer, wine, champagne, etc. is the pleasant region to shop for suitable for eating beverage glitter, rimming salts and sugars, and cocktail stirring straws.

Our suitable for eating glitter is vegan, dairy loose, gluten loose and nut loose. All meals merchandise are synthetic and packaged in GMP licensed, Kosher Pareve licensed, HACCP licensed and neighborhood merchandise in SoCal, USA. Brew Glitter® is to be had for patron portions in addition to large bulk field sizes and wholesale volumes offered with the aid of using the case. We paintings with companions for personal label purchases thru our state-of-the-art in-residence custom label programs.

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