The Discovery Of 28 Bodies In Benjamin Franklin’s Basement Inspired New Novel, Ben’s Bones

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Ben’s Bones, a new book about Benjamin Franklin’s shady dealings with body snatchers, underground medical schools, and Freemasons in London, is coming out.

Benjamin Franklin Ben’s Bones

A shocking true historical account of Benjamin shady dealings in London is the basis for new book, Ben’s Bones.

The Discovery Of 28 Bodies In Benjamin Franklin's Basement Inspired New Novel, Ben’s Bones , Entertainment Magazine is one of the best Celebrity Entertainment Magazine in the world entertainmentmagazine
Ben’s Bones on YNF Entertainment Magazine

A horrifying discovery was made in 1998 by workers renovating the basement of the building where Benjamin Franklin lived in London as America’s agent to the Crown. The deliberate concealment of the skeletal remains of up to 28 adults, women, and children. Scotland Yard did an investigation because they thought there might be a serial killer at work. However, they found that the bones were from Franklin’s time living there.

But why would the founder of the United States of America be involved in burying dozens of bodies in his own basement?

Joseph C. Gioconda

Joseph C. Gioconda weaves a little-known historical tale about Ben Franklin’s secretive life in London and the sinister origins of modern medicine into a suspenseful mystery and tragedy of epic proportions in his thrilling latest novel, which is based on true events,

In addition, Gioconda is the author of THE POPE’S BUTCHER, a bestseller on Amazon that is based on the true story of a serial killer in the medieval Vatican.

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Reviewers and journalists can get advanced reader copies of BEN’S BONES for free. On, a giveaway includes one hundred free digital copies.

On Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Spark, and a variety of other retailers and distributors, the brand-new book will be available in paperback and eBook/Kindle formats.


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