Bartholemew A Green Adventure Is A Children’s Book About Climate Change

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Bartholemew’s A Green Adventure by Suzanne Edwards teaches children about climate change, preservation, and what they can do to make the future greener.

Bartholemew A Green Adventure

The greatest and most pervasive threat ever posed to societies and the natural environment is climate change caused by humans. Suzanne Edwards recently published Bartholemew A Green Adventure, a children’s book with a timely and encouraging message about being active in the environment. The series of books is intended to keep children reading in a fun and educational way while also encouraging them to take their first steps toward making Mother Earth safe and green by combining education with entertainment.

Bartholomew A Green Adventure the best entertainment magazine in the UK

Bartholemew A Green Adventure transforms the much maligned Monarch caterpillar Bartholemew into a brave, nature-lover’s hero. The author decided to write a story after drawing inspiration from her daughter Shannon’s playtime with her friend, who poked a caterpillar with a stick. It tells a story about the effects of climate change and its ever-increasing rate.

Climate Change

Children will learn about important geographical and environmental hotspots around the world that are experiencing significant climate change through this series. It will also teach them why these changes are happening and what they can do to support the cause.

Children will enjoy the book’s positive, exciting, and engaging presentation of environmental awareness, education, and entertainment. Young readers will gain a deeper understanding of the natural world and be able to identify with a number of the book’s themes, including: growing up, friendship, acceptance, and puberty.

Children can teach readers valuable lessons about overcoming obstacles and becoming the best version of oneself through the themes of puberty, friendship, acceptance, loss, and growing up. Children should also learn about environmental issues and hotspots because they can help them understand the impact of climate change and the significance of protecting the planet. This book would be a great choice for kids who want to learn, have fun, and be inspired.

Suzanne Edwards

Suzanne Edwards is a passionate author. Her environmental writings have appeared in magazines and online journals all over the world. She now writes books for kids that tell fun adventures and inspire kids to learn about the environment.

“This is the first children’s book series featuring significant evolutionary transition and dedicated to education about climate change,” said Suzanne Edwards. “Providing a fun and engaging way to learn about some of the most threatened environments in the world, this series is relevant and unique. Bartholemew A Green Adventure is an epic early reader adventure story and a mnemonic device that illustrates key areas of the world that are vulnerable to climate change. With wonderful pictures and interactive games and tips, you can save the planet with Bartholemew and his friends!”

Through the topics of puberty, friendship, acceptance, loss, and developing up youngsters can assist readers examine treasured classes approximately overcoming limitations and turning into the great model of themselves. The cognizance on environmental troubles and geographical hotspots is likewise crucial for youngsters to examine approximately, as it may assist them recognize the effect of weather alternate and the significance of protective the planet. Overall, this ee-e book feels like a excellent desire for youngsters who need to examine, be entertained, and be inspired.

Bartholemew A Green Adventure is a sequence of journey books demonstrating the want to be environmentally lively in each element of lifestyles in order that earth may be made a higher area again. Each ee-e book on this collection is cautiously crafted to educate youngsters approximately numerous crucial environmental standards so as to effect their lives. Children may even get to play amusing video games interspersed at some point of the stories!

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