Martin Backhausen Releases New Album, The Bright Abyss

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, new cross-genre album, The Bright Abyss by Martin Backhausen Releases New Album, took four years to complete.

The Bright Abyss Martin Backhausen Releases New Album

The Bright Abyss, Martin Backhausen’s first studio album,, was released on December 16th, 2022. The project represents uncharted territory by juxtaposing the brightness of light with the abyss’s apparent infinity. It seamlessly incorporates a variety of musical styles from various eras, many of which are at odds with one another.

Martin Backhausen New Album the best entertainment magazine in the UK

The Bright Abyss took Backhausen and a group of all-new producers and musicians four years to complete from beginning to end. Nevertheless, it is a representation of and narrative of decades of musical experience that spans generations, social divisions, cultural influences, and even geographical boundaries.

Writing The Bright Abyss

“The Bright Abyss represents virtually every musical and cultural influence that has helped shape and mold me into the musician and man I am today,” Martin Backhausen explained. “If you were to read the credits, this album could easily come off as a disconnected, disconcerted hodge-podge. And that’s the goal. I wanted this project to tell a unique story and be art that imitates life — my life. Unfortunately, life isn’t always neat and rarely follows the well-trodden path.

Martin Backhausen Releases New Album:

“Bright Abyss tells my story through musical influences and interpretations. I grew up in the panhandle of North West Florida as a mixed-race child that was exposed to the full kaleidoscope of music. For example, I would watch my mother and father dance to old hole-in-the-wall, juke-joint-classic artists like Bobby “Blue” Bland and Theodis Ealey. Moments later, I could be riding in the car with my father to the skating rink while listening to The Doors, Beatles, Beach Boys, and Rolling Stones.Martin Backhausen  New Album the best entertainment magazine in the UK

And as I matured into an adult, the vast cultural net cast by my childhood continued to capture influences and further broaden my musical horizon. I would listen to punk rock artists like Weezer and Boxcar Kids, emo artists like Dashboard Confessionals, brilliant crooners like Jill Scott and Jazmine Sullivan, and even southern hip-hop artists like Outkast and Project Pat.

“I created the Bright Abyss as a way to package pieces of me and this music together in a uniquely musical and harmonious way.”

Martin Backhausen

Backhausen was able to defy tradition, conservatism, and caution as an independent artist. He instead concentrated solely on the music and the subsequent emotional waves. The end product is a jazzy and soulful album with strong songwriting, infectious tunes, and piercing guitar riffs.

The Bright Abyss is a 42-minute musical exercise that defies convention and breaks new ground. Martin Backhausen is finally ready to take centre stage after spending years cultivating the musical talents of others.

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