Interview with Author  James Murdo New Book Echoes Of Time 

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Author  James Murdo New Book Echoes Of Time 

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Author James Murdo discusses the inspiration for his new science fiction novel Echoes Of Time, Volume 2 of The Tapache’s Promise Trilogy.

Interview with Author  James Murdo New Book Echoes Of Time 
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed author James Murdo as regards his life and career, the story back his new book Echoes Of Time and Tapache’s Promise Trilogy.

Tell me about James Murdo:

James Murdo

I think a little too much and like to do things by myself. Luckily, these are good things for a writer with multiple storylines. While figuring out where the plot can take you is exciting, it takes determination to make sure it all makes sense.

When I write I think as regards what could be. Mixing fact with fiction is a tricky recipe, as I never want the reader to feel burdened in solving the plot. In many ways, my brand of sci-fi writing feels high-profile futuristic because I’m dealing with giant AIs and extraterrestrial civilizations that I want to make realistic.

When did you maiden want to write a book?

Probably when I was pretty young, although the power came a bit later. Luckily the stream hadn’t started yet so my attention span was a little better once I learned the basics.

When did you decide to start writing?

Through warm mixed evenings. My first novel was the most difficult because I really had no idea what I was doing. However, I also find writing a series/trilogy time-consuming as the variables I need to keep track of are orders of magnitude greater than in my standalone version.

How long did you complete your first book, from idea to publication?

18-24 months. Overall, I’m getting a bit faster at typing (compared to the thinking part), although there’s still room for improvement. I work best when I set word count deadlines, although it’s never long because it doesn’t involve editing and rewriting sections myself.

How long did it take you from the initial idea to the publication of your latest book?

Echoes of Time lasted about 12-18 months. About 80% think, and 20% write. I wish I could be more efficient with the former, but I think it’s innate.

Focus on the latest version. What made you decide to write Echoes Of Time?

Echoes of Time is the second part of Tapache’s Promise trilogy, so I made a commitment when I wrote the first part (Echoes of Gravity). I sometimes find it difficult to tell the books apart because they are not separate stories but all parts of a larger, coherent epic. I’m just as excited as the readers to follow the characters and storylines to their conclusions, although unfortunately, I have spoilers.

What were your biggest challenges writing Echoes Of Time?

The title required “time” (hey! Echoes of Time…). Also, I wanted to do justice to the characters and slow my mind down so my fingers could follow me.

Interview with Author  James Murdo New Book Echoes Of Time 
Echoes Of Time

Who or what inspired you to create The Protagonist?

As the story progresses, they become characters in their own right. However, I also let some secondary and tertiary characters take center stage!

Who or what stimulates ye to create The Antagonist?

documentaries, dictators, bastards.

What are the  Echoes of Time fire incidents?

Since Echoes of Time is Volume 2 of the trilogy, the triggering incident could be the entirety of Volume 1 (Echoes of Gravity). However, at the start of Echoes of Time, there is a “prison break” first.

What is the main conflict in Echoes of Time?

The struggle to get certain characters to forgive themselves for actions they were almost forced to do, even when the people involved have already forgiven them.

Did you plan Echoes Of Time in advance, or did you fly behind your pants and free-type?

Both are about 50/50. I have at least a few known main events and various plot points  & amplified, although the exact way they appear is more organic.

Have you been assisted with the editing and how many edits does Echoes Of Time require?Interview with Author  James Murdo New Book Echoes Of Time 

Yes, from my publisher. Echoes of Time needed some tweaking, but not too much. Honestly, I don’t know what’s normal (or if it’s normal for SFF).

What is the first piece of writing advice ye would give someone that stimulated thou to write a story?

Don’t give up and get ready to slow down from your initial speed.

Can you say me what several books you want to write?

It will probably come as an absolute shocker: Volume 3, the third and final volume of the Tapache Promises trilogy.

And finally, are you proud of your result?

I love the universe I’m creating, but I wouldn’t say I’m proud of it.

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