Anizzy Releases New EP, You Against Me

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Houston-based R&B artist, Anizzy, drops his new album, You Against Me.

You Against Me

R&B artist Anizzy Releases is excited to announce the release of his 5-track EP titled “You Against Me” following the recent release of his latest single, “The Return.” The new album by Anizzy is a powerful example of how the Houston-based artist overcame obstacles and critics.

“You Against Me,” which Anizzy Releases produced, also demonstrates his versatility as a skilled producer who is not afraid to mix genres or sample various sounds. The EP, which was recorded in Houston’s Houston ology Studios, is a good illustration of Anizzy’s drive to make a name for himself, regardless of whether or not other people approve.

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Anizzy discusses the lyrical aspects of “You Against Me” and his feelings regarding the individuals who stabbed him in the back. By lyrically recounting the story of those who mistreated him, he reveals his past. The album comes full circle with the last track, which celebrates his victory and the end of the battle and reveals the personal circumstances that inspired him to rise above the negativity.

Even though “You Against Me” makes it abundantly clear that Anizzy is dissatisfied with those who have treated him badly, this does not stop him from pursuing his objectives. The South Indian artist is currently enjoying the fruits of his labors. Anizzy was praised in a review of his single “The Return” for his ability to collaborate with the writer to combine various genres.

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Anizzy Releases

Anizzy Releases hopes that his music will help him overcome the difficulties and abuse he has endured and motivate others to do the same.

Anizzy explained that he frequently avoids confronting the grim realities of life and simply distracts himself. Singing the lyrics, on the other hand, is a way for him to open up a little bit whenever he is making music and incorporating elements from my personal life into my productions. He does this in his career as an actor, using real-life experiences to portray the character, which is why he claims that his career in music and acting are related.

The South Indian artist has also spoken out about his heritage and continues to place an emphasis on South India’s creative and cultural contributions throughout his work. By incorporating various Bollywood elements into his music, Anizzy aims to influence others to learn more about the artistic influences of South India by using his platform to raise awareness. He has been able to expand his artistic abilities into acting thanks to his distinctive approach to music making.

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