Addison Vogt Launches The Conversation Game To Help Teens Connect

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, teenager Addison Vogt Launches is launching a Kickstarter Campaign for The Conversation Game, to help teenagers connect to peers.

The Conversation Game

Addison Vogt, a teen, is launching her first Kickstarter campaign for a product that will help her peers connect during conversations. The Conversation Game, designed by Vogt and made up of three decks of cards, can help teens connect, start talking, and have fun.

Each of the three decks serves a purpose. The first one gives conversation-starting concepts. Addison Vogt discusses texting anxiety, a common issue among teenagers, in the following deck. Last but not least, a third deck encourages and deepens conversations.

The Converse Deck is the ideal tool for starting general conversations, making small talk with strangers, or conversing with best friends. This deck was designed to assist you in getting to know the other person.

The TTYL (Talk to You Later) deck is the next one, and it was made to help teens start a text or digital conversation. Teens love texting and digital messaging because they make it easy and casual to stay in touch. However, some require assistance to begin communicating from a distance. As a result, there are plenty of conversation starters in the deck to help teens stay connected.

Addison Vogt Launches The Conversation Game To Help Teens Connect, Entertainment Magazine is one of the best Celebrity Entertainment Magazine in the world entertainmentmagazine
Addison Vogt

Last but not least, the Would You/What’s Your deck aids teens in having deeper, more meaningful conversations with their friends. Teens can talk about a wide range of topics because each conversation starter asks questions like “Would You…” or “What’s Your…” The focus of the questions is on “rather,” their favorite things, and other teen conversation starters that can keep things moving.

Addison Vogt Launches The Conversation Game To Help Teens Connect, Entertainment Magazine is one of the best Celebrity Entertainment Magazine in the world entertainmentmagazine

Social Anxiety

Addison Vogt’s experience with isolation led her to wonder if its effects, particularly over time, were the same for other people her age. It took her two years to finish her research. It required contacting guidance counselors, experts in teen psychology, and peers, such as friends who had relocated to other countries and had encountered difficulties with friendships due, in part, to language barriers.

One in three teenagers suffer from social anxiety, and the majority find it extremely challenging to connect with others. They can use these decks to get started on a conversation and take it to the next level by providing the solutions.

When confronted with a teen with social anxiety, parents frequently seek solutions and experience fear and confusion. As a result, Addison was motivated to develop a question-and-answer game that she and her parents frequently played around the dinner table to assist children in finding their voices.

Adolescent Mental Health

Addison discovered the significance of socialization in preserving adolescents’ health and normal development through her research. Isolation can affect a young person’s sleep and lead to depression and anxiety, regardless of whether the individual is socially anxious or does not have a supportive group of friends. The development of a pessimistic outlook and a weakened immune system are the worrying outcomes.

Addison talks about how she and her friends had a lot of fun and laughed for hours making the cards. She will always be grateful to everyone who helped them grow, including teachers and other professionals who listened to her and helped her progress. Addison Vogt made even more friendships by relying on the opinions of other teenagers throughout the process.

Addison Vogt Launches

Addison Vogt Launches, a high school student with a passion for assisting teens in connecting, founded the teen startup The Conversation Game, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. For a class project, Addison began researching the issue of social anxiety and isolation. Addison had realized the value of social interaction and seeing friends, despite the fact that she believed she was an introvert and a loner. As a result, when the teacher asked the students to look into a social issue that was important to them, Addison decided to investigate more deeply the significance of talking to people and how to help.

After two years, Addison prepared to launch her packs by repeating her designs, conducting focus groups, and conducting interviews with social anxiety sufferers and psychologists. Teens will be able to connect in a conversational manner online, via text, and in person with each pack, always speaking in their own voice.

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