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Fan2Stage, like all mobile software applications, is getting an upgrade. They recently put out a call for entertainers and artists to join the new version’s beta program. They have now made some internal test videos available to show you how it will look.


Version 2 Beta
Version 2 Beta

While shooting CoolToys television without a live crowd, Scott Bourquin concluded the time had come to go live. Live streaming was added to the studio so that fans could still be a part of the live show. Sadly as a ton of entertainers and moderators sorted out, not having fans in the crowd essentially kills the show. Fan responses are important for the show and assemble the energy of the hosts. In an effort to motivate the players to perform better, a few NFL teams were fined for incorporating fictitious fan responses.

After the second episode of live streaming, Scott began dealing with Fan2Stage. Another company was working on the same issue from a different perspective at the same time. They attempted to utilize actual audience sounds from the microphones on everyone’s mobile phones. In a live performance, security would escort a troublemaker child who was threatening the audience’s enjoyment. With only fifty fans, somebody would need to pay attention to each contribution to sort out who the naysayer was. Imagine it as the audio version of the men in no pants who broke into virtual classrooms.


Version 2

Scott figured with Fan2Stage he could have genuine fan input yet not have the dangers of somebody attempting to commandeer the show. Version one was released after a full season of testing, but it wasn’t as good as he had hoped because live streaming had limitations on latency. It took nearly two years to work with live stream platforms to reduce latency and overcome the issues with live streaming. Laughing at a joke 90 seconds later is not helpful.

Scott and the Fan2Stage team returned to the users and inquired about ways to improve it now that the latency issues had been effectively resolved. The rundown astounded them, and they got to work. Version 2, the first significant update, is currently in the process of beta testing and is anticipated to be available for streaming in the fall. Fan2Stage is attempting to keep everyone connected in a world that is disconnected by introducing new features and a faster user interface.

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