A Neighbors Vendetta Is Rainy Kerwin’s New Dark And Sexy Psychological Thriller

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Rainy Kerwin’s A Neighbors Vendetta will be available exclusively on Tubi, FOX’s streaming service, on Friday, February 10th. Tubi has 51 million subscribers.

A Neighbors Vendetta

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Chelsea Gilligan as Sonja Richards in “A Neighbor’s Vendetta”

As a Tubi Original, MarVista Entertainment selected Kerwin to write and direct the co-female lead thriller, A Neighbors Vendetta. The film was shot in the dark woods outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, on location.

The architect Sonja (Chelsea Gilligan) vows to give her marriage another chance after the body of her boss who was also her secret lover is discovered. She and her husband decide to rent a remote cabin to start over. However, when an unanticipated neighbor knocks on their door, they quickly discover that she is connected to Sonja’s adulterous past and is determined to “take an eye for an eye.” Steven Good (Younger) and Sydney Cole Alexander (Severance) appear in the film as well.

Kerwin set out to make her audience feel something, drawing inspiration from previous sexy thrillers like David Fincher’s “Gone Girl” and the classic “Fatal Attraction.” She explained that she wanted to keep the audience guessing and make them feel uneasy.

When she first watched “Fatal Attraction” a few years ago, she was of the opinion that Douglas was the victim and that Glenn Close’s character was insane and wrong. But when she watched it again in this new environment, it changed for her. Close makes a few important points. After stealing from her, Douglas simply returns to his own life, leaving her to fend for herself. Rainy believes that the movie would look very different today. Throughout the majority of A Neighbors Vendetta, her goal was to straddle the line between “who is right” and “who is wrong.”

Rainy Kerwin

Rainy Kerwin works closely with her actors. She said that it was her job to make room for them. This cast put a lot of effort into telling this story. Before stepping foot in front of the camera, they prepared these scenes, delved deeply, and discussed concepts, relationships, hypotheses, and backstories. Her actors were intimately familiar with their character by the time she called “Action.” After that, they simply played on set.

“A Neighbors Vendetta” was made by Rick Benattar and Nigel Thomas, with Marianne Wunch and Mattie Fellbaum serving as executive producers.

A3 Artists Agency, Alexander by Buchwald, and Good by Artists & Representatives represent Gilligan.

Sean Dubravac at Entertainment Lab and Nina Ameri at Ameri Law, PC represent Kerwin. “The Wedding Invitation,” her previous film, is also available for streaming on Tubi.

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