A Marriage In Hell Is A True Story Of An Abusive Relationship

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On YNF Entertainment Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, in her new book, A Marriage In Hell, Marie Doreathy recounts her sister’s struggles with an abusive relationship.

A Marriage In Hell

A Marriage In Hell by Marie Doreathy on YNF Entertainment Magazine
A Marriage In Hell

Marie Doreathy tells a sobering and cautionary true story about the dangers of being in A Marriage in Hell, which is full of violence and neglect. This memoir is based on her sister’s experiences, who wrote about the ordeal she went through. Doreathy hopes that by describing her sister’s experiences, others will be able to learn valuable lessons and avoid similar situations.

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Doreathy goes into more detail about what her sister went through, including the verbal punishment she receives and the controlling husband. She is told that her only place is inside the house, that she cannot inquire about his activities or their finances, and that she cannot see her friends and family. Doreathy’s sister claims that she is not even permitted to call her family, requiring her to contact them while her husband is away before deleting the logs from her phone because he frequently checks it.

The only time she gets a break is when her husband goes on expensive trips to exotic locations or to horse racing events, where she can see friends and family. Their situation gets worse because the husband gambles obsessively. They have ended up renting after losing their homes over time.

Marie Doreathy

Marie Doreathy on YNF Entertainment Magazine
Marie Doreathy

Marie Doreathy aims to educate people about the unfortunate reality of abusive marriages through this work so that they can avoid A Marriage In Hell.

“I hope that you enjoy reading this true short story and that some of you may get encouragement to speak out and not to be trapped in an unhappy marriage or a relationship and have the courage to up and leave, because at the end of the day what have you to lose, rather than live you life being miserable or live the rest of your life with some happiness,” said Marie Doreathy.

Marie Doreathy was the youngest of six children. Her mother was from Cragg in County Tipperary, Ireland, and her father was Italian-English. Doreathy was interviewed by Carly Rae and Kate Delaney of America Tonight for her work, and her previous book was displayed at the London, Frankfurt, and UAE Book Fairs.

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